Here’s a sneak peek into Netizen App by Netbank Philippines, a “One-Stop-Shop Solution” for Pinoy OFWs around the world.

Netizen App by Netbank –

Simple, Safe Banking for OFWs Philippines

What is Netizen?

Netizen is a Neobank and White-Labelled Banking App Service created by Netbank, a regulated Filipino Rural Bank that is set to be launched on September this year. With Netbank being fully regulated by BSP and SEC, the Netizen app focuses on OFWs around the world by offering a wide array of banking and financial services such as savings, remittances, bills payments, mobile reload, and online shopping on a highly-secured digital platform.

Netizen app focuses on OFWs around the world by offering a wide array of banking and financial services such as savings, remittances, bills payments, mobile reload, and online shopping on a highly-secured digital platform

But the key notable factor that separates Netizen from other mainstream digital banks in the Philippines is that it operates as a “One-Stop-Shop Solution” for Pinoy OFWs.

As Mr. Young Paul CWP, CEPP, head of Netizen Banking Service, commends it as a man-leading nuclear and White-Labelled Banking App, Netizen is set to become a leading digital banking player solutioning the common pain points faced by Pinoy OFWs.

Mr. Young Paul CWP, CEPP, leading the Netizen Banking Service

Netizen App Features

The Netizen App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Various Cash In options are available through local banks and through International Money Transfers such as TransferWise. Users can also look forward to Remitly and InstaReM as additional options as the Netizen team is currently partnering with the said companies to provide more coverage.

An extensive range of Cash Out Options is also available and suitable for sending money to family and relatives that don’t have bank accounts.

Netizen App Netbank Philippines

Moreover, functionalities such as Virtual Card, Physical Card, Insurance, Loans, and Investments are set to be launched at a later date to help revolutionize how OFWs manage their hard-earned money wherever they are in the world.

The App Version 1 is available on Android and Version 2 will be available soon on both Android and IOS.

Netizen as a White-Labelled Banking App for OFWs

With dedication to help OFWs secure their financial future, Netizen stands as a support system for Filipinos abroad by providing Financial Literacy/education, trainings, advice, and guidance.

Recognizing the unique needs and challenges of OFWs, the app was developed to be easy, fast, and low-cost to allow Filipinos to do their banking anywhere sans the hefty fees.         

How Netizen can help OFWs

OFWs already face a lot of predicaments and banking shouldn’t be one of them. By recognizing this, Netizen is compelled to solve the most prevailing issues and concerns of OFWs when it comes to their financial transactions.

Most OFWs lack control of their funds once sent to their respective families in the Philippines. But with the features of Netizen, OFWs can instantly send money to their loved ones at home without sacrificing their full control and autonomy over their hard-earned income.

With Netizen, transferring funds overseas eliminates fees to “cash-out agents” that may cause a dent in one’s budget.

Moreover, as a fully White-Labelled Banking App service, OFWs can open an account and update details on their mobile phones – eliminating one’s physical appearance in the branch, the seemingly unending paperworks, and high costs of bank transfers found in traditional banks in the Philippines.

Simple, Safe Banking for OFWs

With Netizen’s availability both overseas and in the Philippines, along with their help in bridging the financial literacy gap, Netizen will help widen Pinoy OFWs’ horizons when it comes to handling their finances. Indeed, the people behind Netizen will remain true to their word of offering “Simple, Safe Banking for OFWs” with all services offered right at your fingertips.

Netizen App Netbank Philippines

Visit the Netizen Website:

Netizen App Netbank Philippines

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