10 Tips to Save Money on Gas in the Philippines

With the escalating tension between Russia and Ukraine, Filipino motorists suffer from the gradual uptick in gas prices for the past several days. While to some vehicle owners, the increase is negligible, there are Filipinos monetarily suffering from the crossfire of the two nations.

This begs the question: How can we save money on gas if we live here in the Philippines? 

We compiled 10 tips to help you, check them out below!

10 Tips to Save Money on Gas in the Philippines

1. Declutter your trunk

The trunk serves so many purposes, most commonly, storage space. Whether those are books or a gym bag full of clothes, bringing with you the things you need every once in a while is more convenient than having to acquire them from home.

But more load means more weight. That means you’ll need to expend more fuel to get the car moving. Counterintuitive isn’t it if you want to save gas?

2. Carpooling

If you could spare your car a day’s rest, that would mean a lot for its health and your pocket. If you have any trips out of town with friends from one area, consider carpooling instead. Saves gas money and also saves the environment, which might I add, has been declining in the Philippines.

3. Consider credit card payments

The last thing one might wish in this economic-stricken era is more credit. But some banks in the Philippines have tie-ups with major oil companies. And paying with a credit card that offers cash back and fuel rebates might even help you save as much as 5% of your total fuel cost.

4. Have your vehicle tuned-up

Tuning-up fixes any issues, including the adjustments that affect your car’s combustion process. Be faithful in having your car checked, as this can help save money from both gas and potential breakdown costs.

How to Save Money on Gas in the Philippines

5. Check your tire pressure

With the bumps and plotholes along the Metro, it’s not surprising to have your tire air gasping after several runs. Without optimal tire health, the distance your car can run on a given fuel also diminishes. 

Visit the nearest gas station and have your tires checked. Better yet, consult your vehicle’s manual or read up to determine the best tire pressure.

6. Avoid sudden acceleration as this consumes more gas

Speeding vehicles and revving machines aren’t new to the Philippines. If it were an unsuspecting foreigner, they’d think Vin Diesel will pop out somewhere while the Tokyo Drift music plays ominously. We understand that motorists do it for survival’s sake, but we prefer you save money on gas and medical bills than own the road. 

Instant revving and sudden brakes both waste gas. Try to run at a smooth and steady pace and gradually slow down near a red light or an intersection. It’s the basic practice that saves money.

7. Avoid idling when possible

With the city crammed with vehicles, finding a parking space is a miracle. We know that idling is one way to avoid tickets, but when possible switch off the machine. Not only will this help you save money, but Mother Nature will reconsider you if the trees suddenly start moving and wreaking havoc in the Metro — seriously, it helps save the environment.

8. Calibrate injectors/ carburetors

That is to increase the efficiency of engines.

9. Don’t top off your fuel tank

It’s tempting to top off your tank before the gas prices skyrocket (kasi nga, wais). But this practice can hurt your pocket more than you could imagine. 

Topping off your fuel tank can cause liquid gas to enter your charcoal canister or carbon filter (which are only designed to take in fumes, not liquid). Long story short, you’ll destroy your engine. 

By then, don’t worry too much about gas prices. You won’t be able to use your car anyway.

10. Effective scheduling

This is more life management than car, but it’s a tip I always apply. If you could schedule your activities in one area on the same day, that would be splendid. Try to jump-pack as much activity as you can within the same location, this will make you more efficient and of course, save gas money.

Extreme Situations Require Extreme Measures

The heading above sounds a bit too extreme, but the fact remains. We cannot do many things to prevent gas prices from spiking, all we could do from our end is to manage ourselves, our vehicles, and our lifestyle to adapt to this unfortunate predicament.

Final Thoughts on how to Save Money on Gas in the Philippines

I hope you’ll find these simple tips on how to save money on gas money in the Philippines helpful. Stay safe! (I actually meant your wallet here, but, oh well, feel free to count yourself in)

10 Tips to Save Money on Gas in the Philippines

By Ameena Rey-Franc

Recognized as one of the Top Finance Blogs in the PH. Ameena Rey-Franc (founder of TTP) is a former Banker and BS Accountancy graduate turned Blogger, Keynote Speaker, and entrepreneur. Currently an RFP delegate, she is also the Author of a book about Financial Resilience and has held seminars for reputable companies like GrabFoodPH, Pru Life UK, VISA, JPMorgan Chase& Co., Paypal, Fundline, Moneymax, and many more. The Thrifty Pinay's mission is to empower women to LEARN, EARN, and be FINANCIALLY-INDEPENDENT no matter what life stage they are in.