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Honest AppWork Review – Earn Extra Money Online as a Student Philippines:

I am sure you have read these success stories about earning passive income online. It was always so tempting to try one of such methods by myself. Based on the reviews, all you are required to have is a computer with Internet access and some free time that you can invest in performing some basic tasks. Especially if you are a student in the Philippines, we can assume you already have what is required to start earning your first money! But how do you find a reliable and trustworthy online money-earning website? How can you ensure that you will be paid for your time investment?

Another important thing is that you may have no big money to invest when you are a student. So, that makes most of the students start looking to earn money online without investment. However, in reality, all the websites offering no-investment earnings are either scams or will make you work hard for pennies. With that being said, here’s one legitimate income-generating opportunity you might want to try. This article is about an honest AppWork Review, a platform where you can earn extra money online as a student in the Philippines

Honest AppWork Review – Earn Extra Money Online as a Student Philippines

Make easy money with little investment

Suppose you are ready to take a risk by investing a small amount and now looking for the options. A great way to start is by going for a Google search, where you will face tons of websites promising you easy money-earning opportunities. It could take hours to several days to search and read the reviews, forums, comments, watching youtube videos. So, without further ado, we suggest you not waste your time but head to the AppWork website to review and discover a safe and easy income with very little investment!

Honest AppWork Review - Earn Extra Money Online as a Student Philippines

How the AppWork works Philippines?

This platform connects mobile app developers with ordinary people in the Philippines willing to earn money by publishing their apps. The mobile app developers often don’t have time and other work resources to publish their apps and games on Google Play. They outsource this work to other people over the AppWorks platform. You will receive profits by publishing these apps provided to you as tasks on this website.

In order to successfully complete the task, you will need to create a developer account on Google Play. That is the only tricky part of the entire process and will require you to make a $25 investment paid to Google as a developer account registration fee. The best part is that once you receive your first task, your initial $25 investment will be refunded to your AppWork account. Isn’t that great?

How to register a new Google Developer account

Creating a new Google developer account won’t take more than 10 minutes. Anyone can do this, and there are no special requirements. To start the process, you need to have an existing Gmail account. Here is a step-by-step process:

  1. Login to your Gmail account and go to the Google Play Developer signup page.
  2. Read and accept the Google Play Developer Agreement.
  3. Pay the $25 registration fee for your account.
  4. Fill out your Google Play Developer Profile.

Now, you are set up to publish apps on Google Play under your account!

How to perform the tasks in AppWork

The next thing you have to do is register an account on the AppWorks platform.

  1. Go to the AppWork homepage and click Sign up on the top menu.
  2. Use your mobile phone number to register and confirm by the last four digits of the incoming phone call.
  3. Fill in the registration details and create a strong password.

You will be redirected to your account dashboard, where you can already see several tasks ready for you to work on. Each task has a reward of 25 USD per published app. Note that you must complete each task within the required time, usually 2 hours.

Honest AppWork Review - Earn Extra Money Online as a Student Philippines

Once Google Play reviews and approves the published application, you will receive your first reward! Another great benefit is that every published app will deliver an additional income if the developers decide to update the app under your account.  Even more! You get a small yet daily few cents bonus rounding up to ~$50 per year for just keeping the app published on Google Play! You can already start making good pocket money even if you spend only a few hours a week. As for students, that is just so awesome!

Is AppWork Legit Or a Scam?

Because AppWork provides you with detailed step-by-step instructions and publishing materials, no hard brain work is involved in completing these tasks. You are not required to have special mobile app programming skills or dedicate a whole working day time. Their support team responds immediately via the online chat to answer your questions or solve any issues. Obviously, this job cannot be considered the primary life-sustaining income. However, if you are a student looking for some simple freelance work for a few hours a week, it may be really worth checking out! 

I hope this AppWork review has been helpful for students in the Philippines and other folks looking for a reliable money-earning website.

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Honest AppWork Review – Earn Extra Money Online as a Student Philippines

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