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What are the Best Gift Ideas for Women in the Philippines? As you know, Valentine’s Day is an interesting duality. It manages to be one of the most anticipated days for most women while being a man’s worst nightmare. For one, finding gifts for women is just plain tricky and their indecisiveness is to blame (I speak from experience).

When asked, most Filipinas shrug the question off and say “I appreciate anything you give me.” Don’t believe that crap— it’s a trap! Nothing is more aggravating than seeing your partner flare up after you give them a pair of socks on Valentine’s. As a result, prepare to spend the day of hearts alone, dazed and confused. But here’s the rub. Give them the right gift and you get a first-class ticket to the best sex ever. It’s unspeakably good you’ll hear a choir of trumpets after.

That’s precisely the rationale behind this list. I curated this ultimate gift guide to help my brothers who have Filipino girlfriends (unfortunately, joke). If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for Filipino women in the Philippines or simply a Valentine’s Day gift, you’re in the right place!

40 Best Gift Ideas for Filipino Women in the Philippines (Valentines Day Gift Ideas Philippines)

Sweet and Classic Valentines Gift Ideas for Filipinas

Let’s kick this list off with some generic Valentine’s gifts. If this is your first rodeo, you have to slowly soften your Filipina up to your presence. Never rush things with your special lady. Taking it slow can buttress your relationship and set it up for something even more special. That said, here are some usual Valentine’s gift ideas for Filipino women in the Philippines:

  1. Chocolates

Filipinas are sweet-toothed. And foreign chocolates are the best gifts to soothe their cravings. But make sure to buy enough for her entire family! Try this Assorted Chocolate Gift Box Package with FREE dedication or this Ferrero bouquet with box.

  1. Teddy bears 

Because who doesn’t like cute things? Filipinas have an affinity for all things cute. It’s best to pair teddy bears with something else. Take a look at this brown stuffed bear from Blue Magic!

  1. A bouquet of flowers

Women love to feel loved and appreciated. And when you give them a bouquet, your girl can flaunt it and feel like the special girl she is. If you wanna try something a bit different, try this soap flower that has a lot of good reviews.

  1. Personalized gifts from Photobook

Mugs? Special greeting cards? Couple photoshoot? Whatever it is, Photobook can give it to you on a silver platter.

  1. Bring them to the mall and let her pick out what she likes

Not feeling like buying anything? Let her buy anything! It doesn’t get as simple and special as that.

  1. A bottle of wine

Take her to a fancy spot, bring two glasses and just bond over some fine wine. Try this sparkling red wine or this one by Carlo Rossi.

  1. A Spotify scannable music plaque

This is a big thing these days. If you both have Spotify and a theme song for your relationship, this plaque is one to get. 

  1. A reservation to a fancy restaurant

Take her fine dining and experience first-class meals and world-class service. Not Jollibee, please.

  1. Le Spa experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza by Klook

Women love to be pampered. Le Spa experience enables you to indulge in a luxurious wellness escape to refresh your mind and spirit. Top it off with a jacuzzi bath!

  1. Christian Dior Perfume

Contrary to popular belief, giving a perfume bottle does not insinuate that your partner smells. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a great gift for Filipinas! It perfectly balances quality and price.

  1. A pretty necklace

What’s the most cliche symbol for love? Anything heart-shaped? This is exactly what this gift is, but it never runs out of style! 18k Saudi Gold, that is.

  1. How about a fancy watch?

Gold watches are always a lady killer! This one from Casio is really good but affordable at the same time.

  1. Do you want to propose? Get a ring.

Get her the best of what money can buy!

  1. Shoes

Stan Smith? Chucks for men and women? Some heels from Payless? Shoes are always a great buy!

  1. You can never go wrong with bags

I recently discovered this, but Elle bags are lit AF! They are elegant yet pretty affordable.

Go Traveling and Visit Places! (Valentines Day Gift Ideas Philippines)

Traveling is a luxury that many Filipinos can’t afford. If you have the funds, maybe you can take your Filipina to travel and explore the vast wonders the country (or abroad!) offers.

  1. Book low-fare flights abroad with Air Asia

Japan, Thailand, Singapore or wherever you’re from. If your wallet can afford it, traveling is one of the grandest gift ideas for women in the Philippines. Nothing cements a partnership more than traveling.

  1. You can never go wrong with Bora

Boracay is popular in the summer, but February is also a dry time to visit the beach. Enjoy the glistening white sand as you capture the best photos!

  1. Visit the Queen City of the South

From visiting religious sites to enjoying their famous lagoon, there are so many fun things to do in Cebu.

  1. Take a romantic sunset at Long Beach, Palawan

Escape from the busy bustling of the city and enjoy the rural island vibe of Palawan. With a 14-kilometer stretch, this is the longest beach in the country.

  1. Explore Davao’s Samal Island

People are not wrong when saying “Davao is different,” because it is, and Samal Island is proof of it!

  1. Hailing from the province? Try Intramuros, Manila!

Enjoy historical landmarks like Fort Santiago, Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin church.

  1. Revisit childhood in the Enchanted Kingdom by Klook

The Enchanted Kingdom is the theme park capital of the country. Enjoy a blissful time on rides throughout the day!

  1. Drench in mystical reverie at Tales of Illumina by Klook

Big fan of art and magic? This multi-sensory interactive art installation is for you!

  1. Have a Manila Ocean Park adventure!

Fishes are best for food, but they also make great attractions. Surround yourself with all things sea creatures in Manila Ocean Park.

  1. Go parasailing!

Conquer your fear of heights as you parasail through deep waters!

Gifts for the Tech-savvy (Valentines Day Gift Ideas Philippines)

Tech-savvy people know what’s hip and what’s not. If you want to impress techy Filipinas, you have to give them the latest and greatest. Here are the best tech picks from a tech-savvy man!

  1. How about some Apple AirPods 3rd Gen?

If your girl loves music, this will make the song-playing experience much more vivid and enjoyable.

  1. You can never go wrong with iPhone

Got the dough? An iPhone 14 pro is one of the most revolutionary phones to date. And your Filipina will definitely love one.

  1. A techy watch for techy chicks

A smartwatch that balances performance and price? The Apple SE watch Gen 2 is an amazing pick.

  1. Samsung’s A73 model is a killer!

Android lovers will always be Android lovers! If your girl is one, get her the best that Samsung’s A-series model can offer.

  1. Buy her the Galaxy Tab S8

Bring the desktop experience into a handheld device. That’s what the Galaxy Tab S8 is all about.

  1. A ceramic electric coffee cup with heating pad, to fuel her days

It’s no secret that coffee courses through the veins of Filipinos. Harness your Filipina girlfriend’s love for coffee with this electric mug set.

  1. Fujifilm Instax for the photographer Filipina

Ditch the phone camera and make your images materialize with this film camera from Instax!

  1. Portable Bluetooth speaker from Sony

Listening to music is better when people join in the fun! With this Bluetooth speaker, you can do that— and you’ll never run out of bass.

  1. Got a gamer? Nintendo Switch is a good gift.

Whether a console, PC or phone gamer, a Nintendo Switch adds an extra spice to their gaming habits. Check this out from GameExtreme.

  1. An electric shaver for, you know

So, what do people need a shaver for? Hmmm. Born with no armpit hair, lucky I don’t have to lol

Also, a good pair of sunglasses with camera is great for your lady’s protection.

Finally, sexy time gift ideas for Filipino women in the Philippines

Look, sex is only enjoyable when both parties feel comfortable engaging in a sexual relationship— but you already know that, right? Filipinos are naturally conservative, and unless you discussed the matter, put off the naughty gifts for some other time. 

Also, I recommend pairing these gifts with something sweet like a fancy dinner reservation or a massage special. Sex gifts are a bit self-serving, and self-serving gifts are a major turn-off. Capisce?

That said, check them out!

  1. A skimpy satin robe

I don’t know about most men but satin robes always get the best out of me. Wear that and I offer my body wholly, in full devotion. Just kidding, they look amazing though!

  1. Ultra-thin lingerie (that’s what the label says!)

Lingerie always sets the mood right. Get ready to bite your lips in drunken passion when your girl walks in wearing this. You can do it, my guy! Make your ancestors proud.

  1. App-controlled vibrator from Lauvette

Vibrators are healthy gifts for women because self-satisfaction should never be a shameful thing. If your partner is far away, give her an intimate gift to keep her sexually satisfied. But feel free to buy this whether or not you’re in a long-distance relationship.

Pro tip: If you guys are feeling naughty, make your partner wear it before you head out of the house. And then drive her crazy by controlling the app throughout the day. Trust me, you won’t regret it. *wink*

  1. Something to remind her of you 👀

Sex is a wonderful thing. But for couples who aren’t together, there are workarounds to keep you on her mind. Dildos are great examples and don’t be afraid to bring them up. Whether you’re well-hung or rocking baby talong, don’t be ashamed to get her one. 

P.S. She’ll get the real thing soon enough!

  1. Take your sex to the next level

As I’ve said above, sex is wonderful. And there are countless areas you could explore as a couple. If you’ve been engaging in vanilla sex for a long time, take it up a notch! This butt plug set is a great way to start. 

Valentine’s day is a special occasion for all couples. The key here is to take the leap. If you’re still testing the waters with your partner, don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Who knows, you and your partner might just be thinking the same thing. I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your Filipina this Valentine’s. Peace out!

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Best Gift Ideas for Filipino Women in the Philippines

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