Summer is at hand, and you know what that means… Scorching heat and pesky sunburns? Well, yes. But aside from those, summer offers countless startup opportunities, even if only for the season’s duration. 

If you are looking for the best summer business ideas in the Philippines, I’ll give you 60 to choose from! Check them out below:

60 Best Summer Business Ideas in the Philippines

Summer Heat-soothing Businesses

“Summer” and ”hot sun” are essentially the same. As such, Pinoys will be itching to find heat-soothing businesses to appease the sun’s golden rays. Here are some refreshment-oriented summer business ideas in the Philippines:

  1. Halo-halo

The first item on the list deserves the top spot. For one, it is the country’s national dessert. Secondly, if this is not on the list, I might as well revoke my citizenship. Halo-halo is always a good idea on a hot summer day.

  1. Samalamig

Samalamig is halo-halo’s equally refreshing brother. But instead of crushed ice and milk, this is served as a refreshment with gulaman, sago and sometimes shredded coconut for good measure.

  1. Ice Cream Retail

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the foreign dessert seeking to colonize the people’s tastebuds. Joking aside, ice cream is an awesome dessert. There are countless suppliers you can contact to set up retail. You can even make your own ice cream using an affordable ice cream machine.

  1. Soft-serve Ice Cream

This is ice cream too, but softer and fluffier. Investing in a soft-serve ice cream machine is ideal for this business model.

  1. Dirty Ice Cream

Ah yes, the Filipino-born and disease-borne counterpart of ice creams. Kidding! You can learn to make ice cream too with tons of recipes online, like this one.

  1. Smoothies

Milk and ice cream, shaken into a heavenly drink enough to make Zeus fart a lightning bolt.

  1. Boba Tea

Otherwise known as milk tea or bubble tea, in the country.

  1. Iced Candy

Iced candy is a low-cost fan-favorite dessert for Pinoys, especially the kids.

  1. Ice Making

Invest in a tube ice machine for efficiency.

  1. Fresh fruit

Make sure to have summer-fave fruits in there like watermelon and mangoes!

  1. Fruit Shake

If you have a fruit stand, what’s stoppin’ you from getting a blender?

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  1. Lemonade Stand

The alkaline state of digested lemon keeps the body cool during summer, so it makes perfect sense to have this.

  1. Soft drink Store

Or a sari-sari store that sells soft drinks, whichever is better.

  1. Yogurt Shop

Generally similar to soft-serve ice cream or you could retail those yogurt cups from popular brands.

  1. Ice Tubig

Lookie here. Summer is equivalent to basketball, right? Sell ice water near basketball courts!

  1. Food Cart

Food carts are best-sellers for summer. You can choose to retail one or DIY the entire thing, whichever works.

A profitable business idea entails knowing how to price your product effectively. Since most of the choices above are related to food, here is a food product pricing guide we made to get you started.

Service-related Summer Business Ideas in the Philippines

You can take the summer out of services, but you can never take services out of summer. Here are the best service-related summer business ideas in the Philippines.

  1. Water Refilling Station

Water is and always will be the best summer drink. Get your community safe and fresh drinking water with a refilling station.

  1. Generator Rental

Blackouts are probably etched in Filipino culture. A generator rental shop is a perfect business for such annoying occasions. Here’s one from Shopee and one from Lazada.

  1. Appliance Repair Services

Summer without an electric fan? Now, that will get anyone’s head fuming.

  1. Air-conditioning Unit Installation and Repair Services

How to make heaven on earth? Sleep in a room with an AC working in the background. AC installation and repair services happen to pave the way to this haven.

  1. Solar Panel Installation Services

With increased AC and the usage of other cooling appliances, people can expect electric bills to skyrocket. That’s where solar panels come in!

  1. Internet Café

What good is summer without a hearty all-day computer playtime from school kids on vacation?

  1. Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Pools are becoming increasingly popular among households. Plus, you can always service public pools and resorts.

  1. Car Wash

Washing cars during the rainy season wouldn’t make much sense.

  1. Laundry Business

With more people going on summer activities, that indicates an increase in used clothes up for washing. A laundry business sounds just about right!

  1. Household Upkeep Services

If you have people looking for household cleaning services, feel free to help.  

  1. Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping

Lawn maintenance is bigger in the U.S. than here. But with more commercial buildings using landscapes, you can get in on the action.

  1. Swimming Instruction

Summer is the perfect time to teach kids on vacation how to swim, so they can make the most of the summer! If you know how to swim, this makes a great gig.

  1. Surfing Lessons

If you have the skillset, take swimming lessons up a notch and teach surfing instead.

  1. Photography

Getting married is always best in the summer. If you know your way around cameras, photography is an awesome money-making activity.

  1. Tour Guide

Provinces have so much to offer in terms of wonders and vacation spots. Get your name out there as a tour guide that will take bakasyonistas ‘round town.

  1. House Painting

Painting in the summer means paint dries easier. Plus, the likelihood of rain marring a newly painted exterior is low.

  1. Auto Mechanic Services

Summer equals more travel and more travel means more car maintenance or repair.

  1. Car Modification Services

If you have the tools to cast modified bumpers or create custom car grilles, you can also offer this service.

  1. Pet Grooming

Can you imagine a Jack Russel walking around when the sun is perched at its highest peak? Unsafe. Better get them trimmed and groomed to avoid dehydration by putting up a pet grooming business.

  1. Pet Sitting

Your friend got vacation plans? Take care of their pet for them with pet-sitting services.

  1. Babysitting

I’m all for bringing my child along for a vacation. But if a close friend or family needs a quick getaway with their spouse, babysitting is a fun activity.

  1. House-sitting

If anyone trusts you enough to look over their property as they go on vacay, do it. Aside from having the place to yourself, it makes good money too!

  1. Carpool Services

During summer, a barkada’s “drawing” plans often come to fruition. Why not offer your car or SUV as their private ride?

  1. Bike Rental Services

Got kids in your community itching for some physical activity? Maybe a bike rental service would be a fun business this season.

  1. Entertainment System Rental

Ah yes, the classic summer class of 19-forgotten reunions. They’re pretty popular in the country, right? Want to rent out your entertainment system for their event? Go ahead!

  1. Party Catering Services

Speaking of reunions, you can’t throw a party without food to compensate for everyone’s troubles in attending. Add catering services to your entertainment system rentals!

  1. Boat Rental

Sometimes, people just want to kayak their way out of summer. 

  1. Outdoor Lighting Installation Services

Summer nights are the greatest, hence, Rascal Flatts’s popular song. But they are better with lights on.

  1. Lifeguard Services

Swimming is fun, but being a lifeguard is about saving kids (or drunk dads!) from having too much fun in the pool.

Activity-based Summer Business Ideas in the Philippines

What is summer without the country’s obligatory summer activities? From martial arts to Zumba dance sessions, summer sets the best stage for the sweatiest activities. If you can spearhead any of these below, that would be a great business opportunity.

  1. Art School

This is like daycare for kids, except with fewer ABCs and more colors. Perfect for nursery to elementary-aged children.

  1. Basketball Clinic

At this rate, basketball will soon replace Sepak Takraw as the country’s national sport. If you’re a good baller and want to teach kids a trick or two, basketball clinics are great places to start.

  1. Fitness Coaching

People will be flaunting their summer bodies in the summer. Help them make their dream physique a reality through fitness coaching! 

Pro tip: become a fitness coach months way before summer to get the bodies up and running before the season!

  1. Cooking Lessons

If kids are busy with art classes, parents can keep themselves occupied with some cooking lessons. Trying non-Filipino cuisines can be liberating. 

(side author note: I have always been fascinated with Indian food)

  1. Music Classes

Summer is the prime time to learn a new skill, or in this case, talent. If you can teach kids with instruments, give paid music lessons! Guitars are pretty popular around here. 

  1. Taekwondo Lessons

Haiyaaa! (Sorry, I don’t know what practitioners yell in Taekwondo). All I know is, it’s a popular activity during the summer, and if you can kick—teach!

  1. Dance Workshop

There are different kinds of dance art forms. Among youngsters, hip-hop dance is pretty popular, so they can flaunt the newest craze on TikTok.

  1. Singing Lessons

Believe it or not, singing is a learned behavior. As a Filipino, I firmly believe singing runs through our veins. Who knows? The kid you teach may be the next online sensation.

  1. Summer Camps

Heard of religious youth camps before? While there is nothing wrong with it, why not host a non-sectarian summer camp for kids of all ages?

  1. Kayaking Sessions

Teach people how to row a kayak.

  1. Canoe-riding Activities

Teach people how to row a canoe.

Season-relevant Stores

Some stores just shine better during the summer than any other season. After all, selling a swimsuit sounds unconventional during the rainy season, right? Here are some of the best summer business ideas in the Philippines in this category.

  1. Swimsuit Store

Better sell swimsuits that cater to all shapes and sizes. Adding a men’s section in there also expands your market and earning opportunities.

  1. Flower Shops

Sunflowers are the best! If you can manage to sell them, along with other summer-blooming ornamentals, you can make good cash.

  1. Fashion Retail

Ever heard of sun dresses before? Yeah? They look nice right, highlighting the wearer’s legs and buttocks. Do you ever wonder why there aren’t rain dresses? Because they are called raincoats, and raincoats are on the opposite end of fashion! Kidding aside, summer boosts the sale of fashionable clothing, making it a viable business.

  1. Skin Care Retail

From sunblock to other facial serums that highlight a person’s beauty in the heat, skin care is a good business for summer. 

Most of the business ideas here are self-explanatory, while the nitty gritty for each of them is an article for another day. Once you’ve picked your niche, you may want to also learn about the 20 Ways to Promote & Market Your Business in the Philippines.

Then again, I hope you found these tips helpful and that you picked up wonderful business ideas for this coming summer. There are still a few months left to plan. Good luck!

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