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If you’re a citizen of the Philippines, you’re probably aware of the St. Peter Life Plan. It’s a pre-need memorial plan where holders or beneficiaries can claim financial assistance and funeral services in times of need. But how to claim St. Peter Plan Philippines? In this article, I’ll walk you through the requirements and steps of claiming your St. Peter Plan Philippines. I will also provide some valuable tips for you. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll surely have the details of claiming the St. Peter Life Plan. So, let’s get started!


Requirements on How to Claim St. Peter Plan Philippines

For every sort of claim, a distinct set of requirements applies as follows:

1. Unrendered Service Benefit or Dismemberment Claim Requirements

One of St. Peter Plan’s value-added benefits where your beneficiaries can receive cash in the event that a memorial service isn’t rendered or there is an option of retaining the plan as well. This may happen when the planholder’s body is outside the Philippines or no St.Peter branch can assist in a certain area.

  • Planholder’s photocopy of government-issued ID
  • Signed waiver of rights for multiple beneficiaries
  • PSA-issued and registered death certificate
  • Marriage certificate – for the spouse as claimant
  • Beneficiaries’ birth certificate – for the children as claimant
  • Planholder’s birth certificate – for the parents as claimant

2. Waiver of Installment Claim Requirements

If you experience an ongoing disability for at least six (6) consecutive months within the paying term and you are under the age of 60 at the time of your disability, you will not be required to pay the remaining balance of your plan. Thus, your remaining premium payments will be waived.

  • Police report
  • Hospital bill
  • Medical records like lab results and check ups
  • Medical certification of disability
  • Planholder’s copy of valid ID
  • Planholder’s birth certificate

3. Accidental Death Benefit and Cash Assistance Claim Requirements

This claim pertains to cash assistance for your beneficiaries or you (not dead but with accidental loss of hands, feet, or any body parts). Furthermore, when a planholder dies upon purchase of plan or during paying period or within 5 years of fully paid, beneficiary is entitled to receive 100% of the contract price. Provided planholder is insured within the ages of 18-60 years and still below 65 years old upon death.

  • Autopsy and medico-legal report (if available) – applicable only to accidental death claim
  • Police report – applicable only to accidental death claim
  • Medical history (if plan less than a year)
  • PSA-sealed and issued death certificate
  • Planholder’s birth certificate
  • Planholder’s valid copy of government-issued ID
  • Beneficiaries’ copy of valid ID
  • Beneficiaries’ birth certificate
  • Marriage contract for the spouse
  • Statement of claimant form
  • Statement of attending physician

As you’ve noticed in the above-mentioned requirements, the most common ones for any type of claim are copies of valid IDs and birth certificates. Just take note of the add-ons to each claim.

Steps on How to Claim St. Peter Plan Philippines

Before we dive into the steps, remember that you may also ask for assistance from your plan agent to help you with the process of claiming benefits.

Step 1: Notify St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. (SPLPI).

Call SPLPI’s hotline or visit a branch near you in the Philippines to inform them about the plan holder’s death. Furthermore, you must give the branch personnel your contact details or anyone’s number to know whom they’ll contact upon getting the body.

Step 2: Submit the necessary documents to SPLPI.

Once notified, SPLPI will provide you with the list of requirements that should be completed and submitted to them. As discussed above, conditions will depend on the specific claim of a beneficiary. For bodies to get within the Philippines, it can be done already by SPLPI along with funeral services while complying with the necessary documents mentioned above.

Yet, when the pandemic started, St. Peter requires a Certification from the barangay as an added document. According to my interviewed agent, this will help SPLPI to prepare what materials to bring when getting a covid body. Additionally, for protection and precaution purposes as we’re still in pandemic guidelines.

Step 3: Wait for the verification of the submitted documents.

SPLPI will review and verify the submitted documents to ensure they’re complete and accurate. As mentioned in the previous step, when the pandemic hits in the Philippines, this added document comes from the barangay that enables SPLPI to prepare for a covid-diagnosed scenario. And once the documents are verified, SPLPI will process the claim.

Step 4: Receive the proceeds of the St. Peter Plan.

Once the claim has been approved, SPLPI will release the proceeds of the St. Peter Plan to the beneficiaries through a check. Note that this pertains to financial assistance since the funeral services are already done when you notified St. Peter as explained above.

Additional Tips and Information to Claim St. Peter Plan Philippines

Among the above details, here are additional things you should know in claiming a st. peter plan in the Philippines.

  • Your St. Peter Life Plan’s benefits can be claimed by the beneficiaries you designated on the plan agreement.
  • Following the submission of the claim request, processing of documents typically takes seven (7) working days at maximum.
  • All monetary claims are issued in check form payable to the correct payee to safeguard you against unauthorized or unanticipated events.
  • Assure all documents are complete and know the nearest location of the SPLPI branch.
  • It’s also better to keep a copy of all documents submitted and follow up regularly with SPLPI regarding claim status.

In conclusion, on how to claim St. Peter Plan Philippines, know your plan coverage details to get an idea of what claim benefits are associated with it. It’s to prepare on necessary documents you’ll keep with you so that in times of claiming needs, the process will be smooth for you and hassle-free with your family. Lastly, make the habit of checking the latest updates through their website or an agent. Hoping this helps and more related topics coming in TTP.

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