St. Peter Plan Review Philippines:

I initially brushed off the suggestion of buying a life plan for my death or for a family member because I find the concept scary. But St. Peter Life Plan Philippines arrived and altered my perspective. In 2018, I received my St. Gregory life plan from St. Peter Life Plan in the Philippines which offers a lifetime bundle of funeral and memorial services. Four years ago, my life plan had a lower contract price and installment payments than today’s prices.

So today, I will share my St. Peter Life Plan Review as well as the benefits of being a planholder, getting a money-back guarantee, tips on how to choose a sales agent, and how to pick a life plan that best suits you. In case you want to file for a claim, read our guide on How to Claim St. Peter Life Plan in the Philippines.

St. Peter Life Plan Review Philippines

But first, let’s dig into the basics first…

What is a Memorial Life Plan?

A memorial life plan is a prepaid funeral plan. The basic memorial plan includes memorial services, casket, chapel, pickup of the body from house or hospital, embalming procedure, and processing on permit and certificate.

Traditional Life Plans in the Philippines

The St. Peter Life Plan in the Philippines ensures a lifelong memorial service bundle. It gives excellent deathcare services at very affordable prices, which is why St. Peter Plan is considered the Death Care Expert. The following are some of the options you can choose from.

Disclaimer: The St. Peter Life Plan Philippines owns the information and pictures displayed here, and prices are subject to change if a plan increases. Visit their website or see a reputable life plan agent for more details.

1. St. Anne

It is a metal casket, double top (split and full lid covers), full glass, elegant interiors, corners, and handles.

2. St. Bernadette

It pertains to a metal casket, single top (full lid cover), full glass, elegant interiors, corners, and handles.

3. St. Claire

To describe it, it’s a metal casket, single top (half-lid cover), half glass, elegant interiors, corners, and handles.

4. St. Dominique

It is a wood casket, single top, (full lid cover), full glass, elegant interiors, corners, and handles.

5. St. Gregory

It pertains to a metal casket, single top (split lid cover), full glass, elegant interiors, corners, and handles. 

6. St. George

To describe it, it’s a wood casket, single top (split lid cover), full glass, elegant interiors, corners, and handles.

Previously, I mentioned that St. Gregory was my life plan. You can see from a monthly payment of seven hundred twenty-five pesos only (P725.00) to nine hundred pesos (P900) per month. By this, it will probably increase more. That’s why it has been encouraged to get one while prices are lower, as they’ll never be the same again.

What are the benefits when you avail of a St. Peter Plan in the Philippines?

A life plan allows the plan holder to save money on future memorial expenses. Here are some reasons why I consider having one and why you should too:

1. To keep my family from funeral debt.

It’s sad and funny to say that most of the bereaved family or relatives in the Philippines are not only grieving the deceased person but also grieving the expenses. Thus, start organizing your funeral for the most cost-effective way to say goodbye to a family.

2. To let my family and relatives be at peace.

Whether a person is living or dying, our stress appears. However, stress can be avoided or prevented. It can reduce stress on my family and be at peace in dealing with funeral costs.

3. To give my family enough time to grieve.

As said above, people are grieving the memorial costs, and I wouldn’t like this to happen in my case. Probably the same to you too. That is why a life plan lets your family grieve for the deceased.

Advantages of Availing St. Peter Plan

Why did I choose St. Peter Life Plan in the Philippines? Here’s a St. Peter Plan Review of its benefits.

1. Guaranteed and Affordable

It offers low monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual payments. You are entitled to lifelong memorial services. When you choose a spot cash payment, you’re entitled to a 10% discount with terms and conditions. However, such figures for each plan will increase through the years. It will be a disadvantage for you if you will wait for another year to get one as the prices go up anytime.

2. Transferable and Assignable

The plan holder has the right to give his plan to another living person and can assign a deceased individual of his choice, provided paid before rendering a service. However, any insurance coverage provided to the transferor shall automatically terminate.

3. Flexible and Negotiable

When a plan coverage, such as a funeral, has not yet been performed, it is negotiable for your beneficiary to receive a cash value accordingly but may opt to retain the plan for memorial services only. As to the flexibility, there are 60 days given from the due date to pay for past dues without penalty.

4. Additional Benefits

These are value-added assistance subjects for approval upon the claim. One is cash benefit if the plan holder covered in insurable age 18-60 years old dies during the paying period of 5 years after full payment and does not reach the age of 65 upon death. Another is the balance deemed paid in full if the plan holder passes away within the paying period and does not reach 65 years old upon death. Next is the waiver of installments, where a plan holder is exempt from paying the installment balance in the event of unexpected disability of at least six months during the paying period. Last is accidental death and dismemberment, where the plan holder’s beneficiaries shall receive a cash benefit equivalent to the contract price of the plan. Moreover, St. Peter’s plan benefits aligned with the terms and conditions of the life plan agreement.

How to get a Money Back Guarantee by St. Peter Plan?

Plans with a money-back guarantee are helpful. But not every life plan includes this. My St. Peter Plan had no money-back guarantee. For my St. Peter Plan Review, it’s okay because the life plan’s purpose is to prepare for funeral costs. Based on an authorized agent’s explanation, to get a money-back in St. Peter Plan, simply visit any nearest branch to you. File there with the help of an agent. Just bring the certificate of full payment as proof that you are entitled to the money-back of St. Peter. For now, this is the easiest way to get St.Peter’s money-back guarantee in the Philippines.

However, money-back guarantee plans are unavailable anymore for St. Peter Plan in the Philippines. Such plans before are St. Ferdinand, St. Francis, St. Paul, and St. John. There is no exact update if when this money-back guarantee arrangement will come back.

Tips when getting a St. Peter Plan in the Philippines

How to get your St.Peter Life Plan? Before, it was manually filling out the life plan application form and submitting it with a copy of your ID to an agent for processing. However, today, there is an online application for St.Peter in the Philippines.

Online Application of St. Peter Plan

The first step is to sign up. It is where you’ll need to fill out necessary details like your name and create your login with a password. The second is to verify your account by checking the link sent to the email address you’ve provided. The third step is for you to check your chosen plan from St. Peter’s list of products. From my St. Peter Plan Review, I strongly advise you to develop a plan depending on your financial situation or ability to pay, especially if you are signing up for a monthly payment term to prevent lapses. There is a spot cash payment option if you want a one-time payment. The final step is for you to provide personal information in its online application form. Before, what I did was manually write on the application form. You can go through this step-by-step guide for reference.

Once you already have your St. Peter account, you can pay online too through the payment page in your account. By doing so, you can easily track your premium payments and maximize the features you can find inside your online account.

Relevant Tips for Getting a St. Peter Plan in the Philippines

Getting a St.Peter Plan is a great financial decision for me. Despite the low monthly payment, there have been instances when I did not pay the premium immediately. Thanks to their grace period with no penalty, I am still considered a planholder. So, here are my St. Peter Plan Review tips for you.

1. Get a plan based on your budget.

Yes, St. Peter plans are affordable, but considering your budget is still advisable. When you know that it’s part of your budget monthly or annually, you have that sense of responsibility as you commit to paying its premium within five years.

2. Verify the coverage and perks.

By going through the life plan’s descriptions, you can have the idea if it suits your need or preference. Thorough checking of the plan’s benefits and coverage helps you decide the best product to get in the end.

3. Ask questions and clarifications to an authorized agent.

If you have doubts or trouble understanding what plan you’ll get, seek advice or clarify something from the authorized agent. It is okay to inquire when doubtful rather than assume a benefit throughout the years and find out later on that it’s not part of your plan. I am saying this because I’m guilty of neglecting my life plan’s coverage.

4. Start now, not later.

The best time to start is today, not tomorrow, and not later. However, always consider tip number one. To share with you, I had another financial commitment I neglected to account for in my budget. As a result, I had difficulty making premium payments. But today, I was able to catch up. So, you can start now but check your budget too.

Tips when choosing a Life Plan Sales Agent in the Philippines

How to choose a life plan sales agent in the Philippines? There are a few things to consider when picking out a life plan sales agent in the Philippines.

Ideal Qualities of a Life Plan Sales Agent

1. In Authority

Selecting an authorized sales representative is crucial when getting your St. Peter plan. The truth is, scammers are rising these days, so be vigilant and transact only with legit agents. You can check by asking for their St. Peter ID as the sales agents and counter-check to the branch where they belong.

2. With Product Knowledge

Choose a sales agent knowledgeable enough to attend to your queries and clarifications about the products. When an agent knows what they’re offering, it will help you decide what plan to choose. Aside from your self-research on life plan products and services, someone with knowledge can save your effort of searching.

3. Customer Oriented

When selecting a sales representative, be mindful of an agent’s compassion and respect for clients. Your transaction doesn’t stop on your successful application of the plan, but it is the start, and along the way, you will have some clarifications. Therefore, having a customer-oriented sales agent is helpful.

Practical Tips for Choosing a Life Plan Sales Agent

I had no other option to select a sales agent when I bought the package since this individual is someone I respected. The fact that she was the one who introduced me to planning or preparing for the future and using my hard-earned money wisely was enough and so there was no other chance of checking other memorial plan providers. Despite this, I am grateful for my sales agent as she shows value to her clients – beyond monetary value.

For you to choose your life plan agent, here are the tips.

1. Someone you know, trust and value clients. Generally, when you know someone, you put your trust because you know him, right?

2. Someone who is an authorized St.Peter sales agent. As one of the above-mentioned ideal qualities, for a legitimate transaction, deal only to authorized sales agents.

3. Someone who has in-depth product knowledge. It will help you understand what you have availed yourself of and that what you’ve invested is relatable to life.

St. Peter Plan Philippines: Is it worth it?

I’m eager to get a full payment certification from St. Peter Life Plan by next year. As shared here in my St. Peter Plan Review, having a St. Peter Plan in the Philippines is worth it. What makes St. Peter in the Philippines worth it?

St. Peter Plan Review

Pre-need Companies with Certificates

According to research, St.Peter Life Plan is one of the best memorial service companies in the Philippines. It assists many families with obtaining life protection through its reasonably priced yet high-quality goods and services. It has been in the business since 1970, improving its memorial goods and services to satisfy Philippine families’ demands.

Personally speaking, St.Peter is credible and reliable. National Funeral Directors Association or NFDA, the world’s leading, largest, and most trusted, is one of St.Peter’s affiliations. NFDA is an association where funeral directors are highly valued. Other St.Peter affiliations which made them in authority as deathcare experts are ICCFA or The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association, and CANA or Cremation Association of North America.

St. Peter Plan in the Philippines is a pre-need deathcare service and anti-inflationary plan that guarantees an affordable memorial service package chosen by you during your lifetime. To conclude this sincere St. Peter Plan Review, invest in something not only you can benefit but also your family. Think about it, maybe availing of a St. Peter Plan is the start.

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