How to Build A Strong Financial Foundation that can Withstand A Crisis


How to Build A Strong Financial Foundation that can Withstand A Crisis

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What you will learn:

✔️FINANCIAL FOUNDATION PYRAMID: the 5 STEPS to correctly build your financial foundation that can survive a CRISIS.

✔️How to Invest and Earn During A Crisis?

✔️Which among the three should you prioritize in building a strong financial foundation?

  • Buy Insurance or Build an Emergency Fund or Pay your Debts first?
  • Note: It’s a completely different answer if you are just aiming to be debt-free.

✔️ Should you save money even if you have debts?

✔️How to fuel your motivation to pay off debts faster (Debt Snowball Method discussed with illustrative examples)

✔️How to earn your first P1 million

✔️How to earn it within one year (Not MLM or any get-rich-quick schemes)



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6 reviews for How to Build A Strong Financial Foundation that can Withstand A Crisis

  1. Jerico Saquing

    How to Build a Strong Financial Foundation is the perfect book for people who haven’t thought of managing their finances before. For someone like me who writes and breathes personal finance, I already know the basics. Yet, this book just reaffirmed my financi foundation.

    It literally has everything you’ll ever need to have a solid financial foundation. Now, you just need to apply it. Ameena has thought about everything that you might question or need while reading it – and came prepared! Not only does it contain practical money advices, but there are literally steps that you can take.

    This alone is proof of how well thought-out and how vast her financial experience and knowledge is. Even if you already have investments and savings today, I promise that you’ll still learn a lot. But for beginners, this is the perfect book to start with even if it’s the only finance book you’ll ever read!

  2. Karen Arceo

    A must read! The author made learning about finances easy to understand. Lots of tips about budgeting and saving, investing, and being debt-free for people who are trying to grow financially like me.😀 I love the visual information! They are easier to understand than plain informative text. Great info that’s well laid out. I would recommend this to anyone looking to secure their financial future.

  3. Emzi Tinasas

    I just finished your book! I like how straightforward it is. I finished it under an hour!

    The best part was the pyramid. That’s what I needed to learn most! It’s nice that it’s been adapted to the Filipino setting also. It makes it actionable.

    I really wanted to read your ebook first before making any financial plans this 2021! Looks like I will have a clearer financial direction this year!

    Thanks for this!

  4. Roan

    Very helpful guide, very informative. This book will honestly encourage you to beggin your journey to a financially prepared individuals in the middle of this pandemic. The content is also well explained and simplified to understand well. Good job for tbis book. Hope to read more of this in the future.

  5. Leon

    I agree with her financial pyramid. Justified and properly explained ang mga reasons nya. It’s a very helpful guide and very timely especially now we are experiencing a crisis. Kudos to you thrifty pinay! 👌

  6. Aiza

    I started to be her follower since I’ve read her blog. Super specific and direct to the point. Her ebook summarized from basics to detailed tips to become wise financially. Being financially literate is the start to financial freedom. And her ebook is really a good help. ☺️

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