In the Philippines, people love to spend time on entertainment, right? And we deserve some spare time to relax as well. Nowadays, a lot of applications (apps) are rising to give us relaxation and enjoyment. Well, did you know that many earning apps in the Philippines can help you make extra income? These are legit apps that not only provide you with entertainment but also let you earn real cash.

Isn’t that amazing? Instead of just relaxing through various games or apps in the Philippines, you make money as well. I bet you’re curious now. So, if you’re wondering what I’m talking about, keep reading as I’ll be sharing the eight (8) earning apps in the Philippines that you can use to make extra money. Also, inside you’ll know how you can use these earning apps in the Philippines and facts about each app. Let’s go!

8 Earning Apps in the Philippines to Make Extra Income

Before we dive in, know that using apps needs your registration details like an email address or connecting your Facebook account. Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the 8 earning apps in the Philippines for you to make money easily.

1. The Lucky Miner

  • How To Earn: Choose apps to download and play, then you’ll get coins for payout
  • Minimum Coins Needed: 2,000
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: Php 9.85
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, 7-Eleven
  • Without Invitation Code

The Lucky Miner is an earning app in the Philippines that only requires a small number of coins to earn real cash. As indicated above, you just have to collect 2,000 coins for you to encash. This app is like a mobile arcade with tons of games to choose from. In addition, aside from downloading some suggested apps, you can find inside and play various games, there are other tasks to do like surveys that you can earn money too. Indeed, there’s an extra income from using this kind of app.

2. Word Master

  • How To Earn: Connect letters to form a word and you’ll have points from it
  • Minimum Points Needed: 2,000,000 for Gcash and 9,000 for Lazada
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: Php 200 for Gcash and 0.80 for Lazada
  • Payout Methods: Lazada, Gcash
  • With Invitation Code

Unlike other earning apps in the Philippines, Word Master is the easy one where you just need to complete the words to earn points for payout. It’s like a word puzzle game and I find it interesting since I love puzzle games. More or less it’s a helpful app, not just in terms of income but also in boosting your vocabulary words. Additionally, one of the payout methods is through lazada wallet and what you’ll earn is perfect for online shopping. However, you need to earn a lot of points before you can have real cash. Thus, patience here is a must.

3. Easy Cash – Play to Earn Money

  • How To Earn: Solve a problem and download suggested apps, then you’ll earn tickets
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: amount to follow
  • Payout Methods: Paypal
  • With Invitation Code

This earning app in the Philippines has a lot of simple yet exciting games such as Mahjong Match, Burger Bar, Pets Conqueror, and more. It is made up of 14 fun games where you can earn coins fast by playing and exchanging them via Paypal. For the invite friends scheme, you can earn at least P2.00 from your new friends and get an extra 10% among their new friends.

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4. Lucky Coin – Earn Real Cash

  • How To Earn: Play game missions and spin the wheel for prizes to win
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: P30.00
  • Payout Methods: Paypal
  • With Invitation Code

You can earn P30 by inviting 1 friend and when your friends complete tasks, you share 10% of your friends’ income. Also, by spinning the wheel, you can have from $0.05 – $1 convertible to real cash. Remember that by utilizing to join various tournaments, you have the chance to win weekly draw prize amounting to $1,350. Who knows you’ll be the next lucky winner, so keep earning tickets to qualify for a tournament entry and eventually payout more cash.

5. Big Big Cash App

  • How To Earn: Complete required tasks to earn coins, download and play games
  • Minimum Points Needed: 5,500 for Gcash
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: Php 18 for Gcash
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Gcash, Payeer, Dana, TRX Tron
  • With Invitation Code. Use this code: U432ZXP9

Just like the lucky miner app, Big Big Cash is also an online arcade with suggested apps or games to download and play where you could earn points convertible to real cash. Among the apps are money planet, my pocket money, and my cash city. So, it’s up to you if you want to download such apps too to earn extra money in the Philippines. And take note, this app is perfect for people who get easily bored playing one game for the longest time. Thus, you can earn more points to cash out more.

6. Bubble Money

  • How To Earn: Play games
  • Minimum Coins Needed: 10,000 for Paypal and 2,500 for Gcash
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: $0.7 for Paypal and Php 7.00 for Gcash
  • Payout Methods: Gcash, Paypal, Payeer, Dana, TRX Tron
  • With Invitation Code

Bubble Money is an app in the Philippines that needs you to fill out a registration form through its website with details like your email address. Your email address must be verified in which you’ll receive a verification code to be input during the registration process. Once registered, you can have access to the app itself where you’ll be playing games for you to earn. Furthermore, the earning steps for this app are as follows: (1)download the app, (2)activate premium features (take note u need to download the app first) such as log in app account, spin the wheel 6 times, reach level 5 for playing a game, and (3)get coins convertible to real cash. Note that the payout or withdrawal process is done through its website and not in the app.

7. Morgan Stanley

  • How To Earn: Invest and do certain tasks
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: Php 300
  • Payout Methods: Gcash
  • With Invitation Code

Among the apps mentioned, Morgan Stanley is an investing game application. In this app, it is highly suggested to estimate the risk that you are taking while playing. You can choose from “Stable”, “Welfare” and “Activity” investment options inside the app. Take note that you can’t invest directly in the welfare options without investing first from stable options. It works like a time deposit but there is no assurance or protection to investors indicated (so better be sure than sorry!). Invest only what you can afford to lose even if it’s tempting to jump into bigger investments.

The minimum safe investment requirement under the stable option is Php 427.00 with an ROI of Php 5,764.50 after 45 days (lock-in period). You can only withdraw from 10 am to 6 pm, with a single withdrawable amount from Php 300 to Php 50,000 once a day which incurs a 4% tax to be deducted upon transfer. Again, only one-time withdrawal a day is allowed for this earning app in the Philippines. And remember that this is not a long-term investment. Awareness is the key!

8. Pocket Cash

  • How To Earn: Playing game
  • Minimum Coins Needed: 10,000
  • Minimum Amount To Encash: $0.70
  • Payout Methods: Paypal, Gcash, Payeer, Dana, TRX Tron
  • With Invitation Code

By far the easiest to download in this list! The last yet not the least earning app in the Philippines is Pocket Cash. It is a fast phase game wherein you create buildings and let it earn diamonds and coins as time passes by. You can also upgrade each building to earn more coins with less time required. It requires no investment but just like the bubble money game, you have to check on the website to withdraw and for paypal mode of payout successful transaction is after 7 days. Ensure that your Paypal account is connected to receive real cash.

There you have it – 8 earning apps in the Philippines to help you make extra income or make money quickly. Hope you have learned a new means of earning extra money through the above-mentioned apps. Be resourceful to earn additional income without compromising your time and effort. Start downloading the above-mentioned 8 earning apps in the Philippines and use your idle time to be productive. Nevertheless, be reminded that these apps are for extra income and not your main source of income. Yes, they’re legit but let’s be transparent that anytime there may be issues to happen. Follow us here in TTP for more means of making extra income in the Philippines.

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