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Public speaking is a big business nowadays. From public speakers in the Philippines sharing their unique stories to experts conveying their knowledge, we see all sorts of speakers all around us. It is surprising considering the inherent glossophobia or speech anxiety among the general Filipino populace. But if you have some valuable wisdom to share, don’t let stage fright stop you— be a motivational speaker!

The question is: how exactly do you do that?

That is why I’m here. As a finance blogger turned Financial Literacy & Women Empowerment speaker in the Philippines for several talks and webinars, I’m happy to share what I’ve known throughout my several years of motivating people to understand one’s inner psychology of money, and the importance of financial literacy. Keep reading to discover the trade secret in becoming a motivational public speaker in the Philippines. 

Why Become A Public Speaker in the Philippines?

Before we answer the what, let us first clarify the why. Why is public speaking becoming more and more prominent nowadays? I’ll give you three reasons:

  • First, if you are a persuasion virtuoso, public speaking can enable you to win over crowds. That means ruling the public relations arena and making forward strides. For business owners, compelling arguments and persuasive presentations increase the chances of getting sales.
  • Motivational public speakers motivate (touché). Whether you want people to start/stop doing something, change a behavior, or increase their productivity, depends on your niche. But one thing is certain, you must excite and enliven your audience to get them to that sunny destination.
  • Finally, the last reason to become a public speaker is to inform your audience. You don’t need to be a college professor or a researcher to convey knowledge to the public.

As proof, I never enrolled in a public speaking course, but I did have to equip myself with experience to talk about my niche. The confidence I get when speaking to a crowd stems from the trainings of elocution competitions I joined when I was in elementary. But that doesn’t mean enrolling in any speaking course won’t remit rewards – because I believe, it does.

Experts from various niches could enter the public speaking arena and share their expertise. Now, let’s explore how you can start a career as a motivational speaker in the Philippines.

How To Start Your Career as a Motivational Public Speaker in the Philippines?

There are more layers to public speaking than meets the eye. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just go up the stage and wing it. Doing so will only tarnish your reputation as a public speaker. 

Think of it as a business— you are the business. And all enterprise begins with a business plan. To kick off your motivational public speaking career, here are the steps to consider:

a. Define your expertise

We’ve covered three reasons why public speaking is a fine career trajectory, but which of those do you fall into? Before you take center stage, you must understand your niche first. 

  • Are you interested in compelling people to change their behaviors?
  • Do you want to motivate people in life through inspirational stories?
  • Is sharing knowledge more your thing?

Whichever niche you select becomes the blueprint for all your public speaking appointments. A defined niche builds your brand better than a scattered focus would. 

b. Know your target audience

Every niche has its distinct target audience. If you are a corporate speaker focused on increasing productivity, your language would not be fit for alcoholics trying to change their behavior. Knowing your audience is not about memorizing the people’s names in the crowd. It’s about understanding the right approach to use when communicating.

For example, when I send out a formal proposal to a company interested to have me as a resource speaker, one vital info I ask is about the demographics of their attendees. How old are they? Are most of them single or married? What’s their occupation? Are they having trouble with budgeting or surviving inflation? The more you understand your target audience, the better your words connect and make an impact. Research and investigation play a big role in this aspect.

c. Learn to write your script and PowerPoint slides

Motivational speakers talk spontaneously from the bottom of their hearts.”

Well, yes and no. Yes, because every word you utter must be genuine but no because every speaking engagement requires some kind of practice. A script can help greatly in perfecting your presentation, eliminating dead air and mental block during the event.

Also, people are more audio-visual than purely auditory learners. Make sure your PowerPoint slides are prepared before going into battle. It improves information dissemination and keeps you from running out of things to say. Make sure you know to curate your own slides in case the graphic designer you hired decides to say Adiós.

In case you’re delving into a Ted Talk-like event where no slides are required, having a script coupled with practices in front of a camera or mirror, can be advantageous for you.

d. Master public speaking skills

Of course, the most obvious skill needed in becoming a motivational public speaker is speaking. Public speakers, or at least a majority of them, have mastered speech down to a T. You will also need this skill if you aspire to be one.

Here are a few public speaking skills to master:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Rebuttals
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Memorization
  • Vocal tone modulation
  • Research and investigation

Most public speakers are quick on their feet. They devise quick replies to the sudden raising of hands and impromptu questions. Of course, background research and subject expertise come into play, but they don’t cave in the face of inquiry. 

Later, we will look at some public speaking courses, so you can hone your skills as well.

4. Increase online presence through blogging or social media

Remember what I said earlier? Becoming a public speaker is setting yourself up as a one-man business. In other words, you have to promote yourself in today’s business landscape as how you would a regular enterprise.

In 2023, the best solution is encapsulated in two terms: digital marketing.

With people obsessed with the online landscape, you have to create enough buzz to get their attention and purchase interest. Two of the best places to start are with your website and social media.

First, with what I did here in The Thrifty Pinay, I created a website where I can funnel interested parties to hear me speak. In addition, I regularly produced blogs and content relevant to finance and being a financially independent woman entrepreneur. Doing so increases your perceived value and boosts your leverage as an expert in the field.

Secondly, I created a Facebook page and Instagram account where people can follow. Here’s a tip: be sure to post high-value content to facilitate conversations with your market. Also, engage regularly with fans and audience to build rapport.

5. Negotiate your public speaking fees

Understand that not everyone will be okay with your asking price. Negotiation is another skill you must acquire. In some cases, businesses have a limited budget to spend on talks but depend on your information as their company’s saving grace. 

By negotiating, you can reach out to these people and still offer value, albeit limited. One thing I incorporate is the so called value-based pricing wherein I provide value equivalent to how much companies are willing to spend.

6. Understand the art of selling even when on stage

Whenever you take center stage, you are not just working for your listeners, you are also serving yourself. Understand the importance of selling yourself while offering them value. 

One way to do this is by teasing about your next speaking engagement. Give them glimpses of what to expect and other additional information they may acquire from it. Moreover, if there are opportunities to cross-sell your other services, do so. Maybe you have a merch collection or books, insert them seamlessly into your speaking engagements.

7. Continue upscaling your public speaking skills

Finally, never stop improving your public speaking skills. Learning never stops and there are always new nuggets you may learn from speech gurus. Speaking of learning (no pun intended), here are public speaking courses to try out in the Philippines.

Be A Motivational Public Speaker Philippines? Here’s What They Don’t Tell You
Financial Literacy & Women Empowerment Speaker in the Philippines: Ameena Rey-Franc of The Thrifty Pinay

Public Speaking Courses in the Philippines

John Robert Powers

Email: and 

Address: 4/F Casmer Building 195 Salcedo Street, Makati City or Ground Floor, Cinderella Building, 825 EDSA, Quezon City

Number: (0917) 819 5337 | (0917) 819 5351 | (0917) 517 5391 | (0917) 501 8295

Public Speaking Institute


Address: Penthouse Victoria de Makati Dela Rosa cor Washington St. Pio del Pilar Makati City

Number: (0917) 125 0476 | (0995) 214 9232 | (632) 8287 8357



Address: G/F Torre de Salcedo, 184 Salcedo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City 1229 Philippines

Number: (0917) 877 5588 | (0917) 790 5588

How to Book Your First Public Speaking Engagement Philippines?

Quick question: would you buy a product from Lazada if the store and product didn’t have any reviews? Figures.

The same thing does with public speaking. You need a well-defined portfolio to become attractive to business owners and customers. We recommend starting things out for free. Offer yourself to event organizers and insert yourself in the line-up. Make sure your stints are well-documented so you may add snippets to your website or social media. Once you get enough traction or following, posting your bookings becomes more feasible.

Tips on How To Be an Effective Public Speaker in the Philippines

If you’re serious about being a public speaker, here are tips you must know to be better:

  1. Master your niche and immerse in hours of research and of course, experience. Please do not fall under the list of fake gurus who don’t have enough credentials under their belt. Actual experience always beats theoretically-based knowledge.
  2. Establish a genuine love for your field. Like what I always tell myself, speak because you have a message to share, not just because of the financial rewards. 
  3. Demonstrate your unwavering passion for learning and educating others. Continuously practice what you preach and don’t just be an empty vessel.
  4. Avoid cold-calling – in my opinion, reaching out to a company that doesn’t need your services never works. The right people will work their way to find a resource speaker they need and if you advertise yourself effectively, chances are they’ll find you.
  5. Start with local events and work your way up
  6. Network by showing up at local events and building connections

For more tips on how I’ve managed to promote my speaking engagements and gain bookings from company webinars for the past 3 years, here’s our list of 20 Ways to Promote & Market Your Business. The future is bright for public speakers in the Philippines. And if you are wondering how much you can potentially make, check out the information below:

How Much are Speaker Fees in the Philippines?

Well, your talent fee will depend on your popularity, perceived value, reviews, and the number of hours it’ll take for you to write your script and curate your PowerPoint slides. In some cases, travel expenses and room accommodations, are part of the computation too.

In the local market, you may earn as low as ₱10,000 to ₱15,000 for a half-day presentation. As you gain traction and following, this may go up to ₱20,000 per hour, which is not half bad. But again, if you’re a newbie who is trying to get your feet wet in the speaking arena, you may want to charge a little lower at first so you can build an impressive portfolio.

For public speakers at the tip of the speaker market iceberg, like Jonathan Yabut, they charge per attendee. Once you reach that level of popularity, you may emulate the same. Currently, he prices his speaking engagements as low as ₱499 to a staggering ₱2,499 per participant.

Now, imagine that same income in a few years of being a public speaker. I am a public speaker, myself. That means, I know firsthand how paralyzing it feels at first. But don’t worry because speaking in public is a skill that experience hones. Remember this, I am rooting for you! 

If you want to book me for your next webinar, click here or have a look at my previous speaking engagements, talks, and company collaborations.

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