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How To Be A Successful Woman Entrepreneur in the Philippines

Do you want to know how to be a successful woman entrepreneur in the Philippines? One of my sources of inspiration is to see fellow women entrepreneurs doing exploits in business and giving our male counterparts a run for the money. But with all the multitasking we have to do – be it taking care of the household, running errands, taking care of children, and making sure we are physically and mentally healthy – how do we make ample time to start up and business and make it thrive?

How To Be A Successful Woman Entrepreneur in the Philippines?

A lot of Pinay business aspirants are prepared for the business challenges ahead but they still want to know if they will have a fair chance in the business world especially if it is in a field dominated by men.

To answer the question above, I would say that it takes nothing special to become a successful Filipina entrepreneur. We all have the same number of hours in a day and regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, or beliefs, the principles for success in entrepreneurship remain the same.

So if becoming a successful female entrepreneur is your priority and if building a successful business is your end goal, then read on as I share some practical insights from my personal experience on how to become a successful woman or entrepreneur in the Philippines.

5 Empowering Tips To Be A Successful Woman Entrepreneur in the Philippines

1. Have a steadfast belief in yourself

The key to success in business is self-belief and we women are naturally known for underestimating our abilities. To succeed in business, you must believe in yourself and in the absence of anyone recognizing your achievements, you should be your number one cheerleader. So having fate in yourself is essential because no one will believe in you and your products or services if you don’t first believe in yourself. No investor would want to partner and invest with you if you lack self-confidence and your employees would probably not perform at their best because you lack the spirit to inspire them.

Without self-belief, no amount of effort in your business will yield positive results. So to boost your self-belief today, try celebrating your wins, allow yourself to learn and grow, and silence the negative self-talk.

2. Have a strong mission

Why do you want to build a business? This question may sound cliche but it is actually a silent factor that will determine whether you will succeed or not as an entrepreneur. Have a look at the Philippines’ most successful business women and you will see that they all have an unwavering reason for going into business and that they turn that reason into their business mission.

In my case, I’ve always wanted to bridge the financial literacy gap by providing free content about money management. How about you? Do you want to develop an app that solves the pain points of OFWs remitting money to their families back home? Do you want to start an organic meal prep in your neighborhood to breathe life in your advocacy of healthy meals for every Filipino?

Once again I ask this: what is your reason for starting a business? I know I can’t answer this question for you but I want you to keep in mind that building a business that can stand the test of time begins with a solid mission.

3. Know that You Can Raise A Family & Start A Business

Yes, we can raise a family while doing business…and we can do these in HEELS! The mentality that women either choose a family or career is being quelled by successful business women and mothers in the Philippines. In fact, some of today’s most successful women entrepreneurs in the Philippines have grown their businesses while simultaneously raising a family.

Years ago, being pregnant with my first child was also the time I started my blog, The Thrifty Pinay. Two years later, I decided to self-publish my own book entitled Financial Resilience: How to Build A Strong Foundation while rendering content writing services and speaking engagements. As of this writing, I am currently brewing a start-up business with my business partner that is set to be registered this year.  

I know it’s not a walk in the park though. Raising a kid, a company, and a brand all at the same time is intense and overwhelming. But if you really want to have a job as well as having quality family time, then time management, working smart, and practicing delayed gratification are the answers.

4. Know how to manage your money

You don’t have to be extremely good with money but I do believe that knowing how to properly handle your personal finances can speak volumes of how you’ll manage your income from your business. For example, knowing how to live below your means or incorporating any budgeting method in this article beforehand will help develop your discipline in managing your finances. Another principle to remember though is to keep your personal income and business income separate as this is a prime target for scrutiny in audits.

All these small skills, when incorporated together, can yield positive results when building your business. And if you need more inspiration to build your financial confidence, check out these kickass articles we have for you:

5.  Increase your business skills

Some Pinay entrepreneurs were born great and have made themselves great through hard work and persistence. If a business empire wasn’t handed over to you by your parents then you would have to make yours. To achieve that, you will need to gain the required entrepreneurial skills.

So the question is: What do you do in your spare time?

The answer to this question will determine if you will be successful or not. Instead of watching a movie or browsing mindlessly on social media in your spare time, why don’t you attend a seminar or read a business book? You may never know the situation you will find yourself in the next day and the knowledge you acquired in your spare time may turn out to be a lifesaver.

Bonus: No. 6. Read about Successful Business Women in the Philippines

There are a number of Pinoy and Pinay entrepreneurs who claim that they’ve found inspiration and motivation from fellow citizens who share their gender and have made it big in the business world. Nowadays, there are a number of success stories of successful businesswomen in the Philippines and leaders including Mica F. Tan and Angely Dub.

Find your inspiration and motivation to overcome any challenges you may encounter by reading about successful “Pinay Pride” women leaders who conquered the business world.

To succeed in business, first of all, you must believe in your own strengths and capabilities. However, it’s also vital to get the right education from those who have made it to shape your entrepreneurial skills and to help you stay motivated no matter what.

What Is A Good Business For A Woman To Start in the Philippines?

There are lots of profitable business ideas that you can do on your own but for some, you can hire people to do the tasks for you. That’s the beauty of being a boss babe and owning a business. Your options are aplenty!

Some of the businesses best for a woman in the Philippines to start are:

  • Blogging
  • Bookkeeper
  • Cosmetic business (check out this article to learn how)
  • App development
  • Bakery business
  • Online retail/wholesale
  • Freelance content writer (check out this article on how to become one)

If you want more proven business ideas, check out our ultimate guide about the 50 Best Business Ideas for Women Philippines. Since female-owned businesses in the Philippines are rampant and that our country is thriving from small businesses that are led by women, there’s no doubt you can become one too and start building your own empire.

How To Be A Successful Woman Entrepreneur in the Philippines

By Ameena Rey-Franc

Recognized as one of the Top Finance Blogs in the PH. Ameena Rey-Franc (founder of TTP) is a former Banker and BS Accountancy graduate turned Blogger, Keynote Speaker, and entrepreneur. Currently an RFP delegate, she is also the Author of a book about Financial Resilience and has held seminars for reputable companies like GrabFoodPH, Pru Life UK, VISA, JPMorgan Chase& Co., Paypal, Fundline, Moneymax, and many more. The Thrifty Pinay's mission is to empower women to LEARN, EARN, and be FINANCIALLY-INDEPENDENT no matter what life stage they are in.