Filipino Virtual assistants are exceptional and highly-skilled! They are trained well to make the lives of business owners way easier and from my experience, having a part-time virtual assistant in the Philippines has taken off loads of work from my schedule. Being a VA has become the most sought-after career and so it is no surprise that you are here to explore its opportunities. As proof, according to MarketWatch, the virtual assistant industry generated $2,054.5 USD last year. So as you go through this complete guide, you’ll find out everything you need to know on how to be a virtual assistant in the Philippines.

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Knowing how to be a virtual assistant in the Philippines begins with understanding what a VA is in the first place. You can define “virtual assistant” by dissecting the term’s etymology. First, “virtual” is carrying out duties online through a screen rather than in physical. Second, “assistant” is an individual who supports in particular work. But the definition of virtual assistant extends to measurable parameters. VAs are typically remote contractors who aid managers in their administrative tasks.

What does a Virtual assistant in the Philippines Exactly do?

The hiring company or personnel will be the one to disclose the responsibilities associated with the position. Normally, it falls under these 5 categories:

  • Office management duties

This includes responding to messages or calls on behalf of your superior. You may be tasked to create social profiles, manage schedules, do research, and work on your company’s databases. Depending on your field of expertise, bookkeeping may fall under your wing.

  • Content-creation

If you happen to work for a digital marketing agency, you may be given minor content creation tasks. Normally, the design, creatives, and copywriting team will take the reins in this department. However, you may also be involved in the project when needed.

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  • Social work

You may be deployed to virtually meet clients in the absence of your boss. Knowing the ins and outs of your manager’s affairs is a must. This will help you represent him better during kick-off or sales calls.

  • Marketing campaigns

Similar to content creation, but you may be deployed in a different area within the sales funnel. For example, leading the customer support team or assisting the HR department with the onboarding process.

  • Media-related tasks

You may be responsible for the internal approval of outgoing documents. This includes proofreading and editing certain media like blog articles prior to publication.

What are the equipments needed to be a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

The next step in how to be a virtual assistant in the Philippines is actually knowing what sorts of equipment VAs use in the completion of their duties.

1. Laptop or PC

Well, since virtual assistance happens online, you’ll need a laptop or a PC. Note that you can’t be a VA using an iPad or a smartphone (unless your clients allow you to). But there are responsibilities that will urge you to use personal computers, so it’s best to invest in one prior to applying as a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines. 

For specs, here is a basic guide to help you:

  • CPU: At least an Intel Core i3 or an AMD Ryzen 3. You can settle for that unless you’ll have to use media-editing apps like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere. In that case, an Intel Core i5 or an AMD Ryzen 5 would be the bare minimum.
  • RAM: At least 8GB. The VA world is fast-paced and you’ll need enough RAM to breeze through the online clutter.
  • ROM: SSD or Solid-State Drive. Normally 512GB is more than enough. You may choose to pair an SSD with an HDD (Hard-Disk Drive) e.g. 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD. The important thing is you get the speed bump offered by SSD and the storage space of an HDD.

2. Webcam

You need to invest in a good-quality web camera since you’ll most likely be involved in meetings or sales calls along with your manager. Get a webcam with at least full HD resolution (that’s 1920×1080) for clarity, less grain, and good background separation.

3. Internet access

If the internet keeps getting cut off, make sure you get back up internet (phone’s hotspot) to support you.

What Skills Do I Need To Be A Virtual Assistant in the Philippines? 

Having the equipment and a fast internet connection isn’t enough to qualify as a virtual assistant. Some people are made to be VA while others are more suitable for different fields. If you have the following skills, you may have the chops on how to be a virtual assistant in the Philippines:

  • Computer skills

Proficiency in MS Office, Google Workspace, and other related administrative tools is a must. Otherwise, you need to be teachable enough to get a leg up on the tools.

  • Communication skills

Most clients are in the U.S., you need to be fluent and clear when communicating in English. You must manage to present information effectively but in some tasks, grammar is important. You don’t need superb English though. Knowing the basics and being able to explain yourself effectively is enough.

  • Organizational skills

The most vital quality a virtual assistant in the Philippines should have is organization. You’re meant to make life clutter-free and easier for your client. Especially if they’re dealing with jam-packed calendars.

  • Multi-tasking skills

As mentioned at an eye’s glance above, you may be deployed in different projects and work with other people within the organization, therefore knowing how to manage your own schedule and accomplish various tasks at once is necessary.

  • Time-management skills

You are responsible for your own time and your client’s time as well. Be keen on scheduling details as you will set, reschedule, or cancel appointments when needed.

  • Interpersonal skills

You will work with many people within the organizational structure. Knowing how to speak their language is one thing, but professionally relating and chatting is another. 

Where Can I Find A Job As A virtual assistant in the Philippines?

Here are sites where you can immerse yourself in the world of virtual assistance in the Philippines:


This site is not for seasoned VAs, rather it’s best for beginners who want to dip their toes into the industry. The jobs are normally 30 minutes at most to completion.


This is the biggest freelancing site across the globe. There are many VA job opportunities here for all expertise levels. However, UpWork will take 20% of all you earn to keep the site running.


You can find tons of office VA-work opportunities on Indeed. From part-time, full-time, and non-voice, they got you covered.


As the name suggests, this site focuses on flexible workplace jobs. You can select various VA job postings from all parts of the world.


The best Filipino website for Pinoys looking for online job opportunities. The site doesn’t kick back from what you earn because you’ll be the one to communicate directly to the hiring party. Just be vigilant to avoid scams, but in my experience, there haven’t been any so far.


This VA company utilizes Pinoy professionals to help your business with administrative support, accounting, writing, social media marketing, and data entry. It offers support services right in America and can help your business tap into the Philippines.

How to Be A Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Tips When Applying As a virtual assistant in the Philippines

On your resume:

  • List down your past experiences and work engagements
  • Include a bulleted list of your hard skills and soft skills
  • Write your educational attainment
  • Include a value proposition or a segment that explains why you’re the best fit for the job and what you can offer

During the interview:

  • Knock it out of the park!
  • Anticipate questions and prepare an answer for them
  • Be direct to the point
  • Answer clearly and don’t be meek

How Much Does A Virtual Assistant Earn in the Philippines?

According to Virtual Staff PH, Filipino VAs earn depending on their work experience.

  • Entry-level VAs: Typically start at an hourly rate of $2.50 to $5.00
  • Experienced VAs: Typically start at an hourly rate of $3.50 to $10.00 

Between you and I, please don’t settle unless the starting rate is 5 USD, even if you’re a beginner. If you’re looking for a monthly basis, a Virtual Assistant’s salary ranges from $350 to $2,200 a month depending on your skills. Check out this guide to see a list of VA salaries.

Pros and Cons of being a Virtual Assistant


  • Good pay compared to standard Filipino jobs
  • Work in the comfort of your home. This is best for parents like me who want to help with the household income and do business while raising kids.
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Possibly flexible work schedule.
  • You learn a lot. As a VA, you spend time researching topics that your client needs to know. You also need to summarize the information you find so that your client can understand it fast. 
  • Sometimes, clients cover your insurance


  • Finding great employers can be a challenge. In some cases, I have read that some VA jobs are not long-term careers.
  • It can be quite lonely as you usually work alone. So if you’re used to the “office atmosphere” with your work bestie around, loneliness and isolation is something you must think about.
  • Time Schedule – There can be no fixed set hours. Some clients may demand that you be available at all times and it is possible that having a 9 to 5 VA isn’t in your client’s best interests because they would want your assistance outside of office hours (e.g last-minute reservation or change a meeting schedule).
  • Often menial starting salary
  • You need to provide your own equipment

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