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Are you looking for the best female financial bloggers and influencers in the Philippines? If so, you’ve come to the right place! There are a lot of great financial bloggers and influencers out there and Filipino women are one of those who make a great impact on the lives of the people in the Philippines. Thus, if you’re looking for great financial advice or investment tips from trusted women, you must check out this list of the best female financial bloggers and influencers in the Philippines. You’re sure to find something helpful about investing or saving money, whether you’re starting with your finances or already a savvy money manager.

12 Best Female Financial Bloggers and Influencers in the Philippines

1. Savings Pinay Ph

Izza Glino is a financial advocate at Savings Pinay Ph is one of the leading personal finance blogs in the Philippines. It was created to support people while they pursue their passions and work their way up the financial ladder. Budgeting, financial planning, investing in the Philippines, early retirement, and generating extra income while working a full-time job are topics covered in its blogs. She has been able to cross the financial literacy gap in the Philippines one post at a time thanks to these blog categories.

I find Izza’s blog as a practical guide for average people in the Philippines to budget, save, and invest because its blogs are relatable and useful for basic financial management. Moreover, it points out that making money doesn’t evolve on just having a full-time job but making a side hustle too.

2. The Thrifty Pinay

Ameena Rey-Franc is the founder of, a Personal Finance, Business and Women Empowerment blog. She was a former banker in the Philippines who also earned a BS Accountancy degree before becoming a finance blogger, keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, and content creator. The Thrifty Pinay or TTP focuses on finance and businesses, specifically for successful women in the Philippines. Additionally, its blogs discuss banking, freelancing, budgeting and saving, money-making advice, and investing.

Best Female Financial Bloggers and Influencers Philippines

Naturally, why not include our own blog on this list? As a TTP experienced writer, one thing that I loved about the blog was the ultimate relevance of it to women who are looking forward to thriving in whatever season they have. It helps women to be empowered and financially independent. And according to my reliable source, The Thrifty Pinay by Ameena Rey-Franc is one of the best personal finance blogs or best female financial bloggers and influencers to follow in the Philippines.

3. FQ Mom

Rose Fres Fausto is the Writer, Speaker, and Behavioral Economist at She also holds a Strengths Coach certification from Gallup. FQ stands for Financial Intelligence Quotient, which refers to the IQ and EQ of managing money. FQ Mom has written articles in plain language on a variety of topics. Financial well-being, behavioral economics, intentional parenting, relationships, and events are a few of the subjects covered.

What I love about FQ Mom as one of the best female financial bloggers and influencers Philippines is the FQ Tool and Test provided which can help people in the Philippines understand the value of simple budgeting, saving, and investing. It shows an awareness of handling finances wisely.

Once you’ve set up the system, saving and investing will be as regular and as easy as brushing your teeth! — FQ Mom quoted on her website

4. The Pinay Investor

Janice Sabitsana is one of the best female financial bloggers and influencers in the Philippines and the woman behind She is a content creator and financial planner. The goal of The Pinay Investor is to instill financial literacy in one household at a time. Most of its writings are on making investments to support and empower Filipino families.

The Pinay Investor captures my attention in a way that it includes biblical principles about finance in its blogs. Most particularly about tithing as she shared her testimony on being a good steward of money. Also, her free ebook about stock market investment is reliable for investing beginners like me.

5. Simply Finance Ph

Mariel Bitanga is the woman behind She is trained by Registered Financial Planners of the Philippines and licensed by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines. Simply Finance Ph is a boutique of the best female financial bloggers and influencers Philippines committed to empowering women.

I’ve been in your shoes before. Relentlessly hustling to make ends meet, taking side jobs to make some extra money, living from paycheck to paycheck, and accumulating credit card debt. No one taught me how to manage and invest my money. I felt lost, I didn’t know what to do or where to even begin. I was looking for answers and for the right people to help me. — Mariel Bitanga, Founder of Simply Finance

I find Simply Finance Philippines a practical guide to achieving financial freedom and investing for the future through its simple ways. The simplicity of financial management gives much understanding and a clear perspective on financial freedom.

6. Mommy Ginger

Ginger Arboleda is the founder of She’s been a blogger for Manila Reviews and Manila Fitness in the Philippines. Mommy Ginger talks about business, beauty, and babies on her blogs. Through her blogs, she’s been sharing about being a mompreneur ( a mom and an entrepreneur). On top of that, Mommy Ginger’s goal is to provide advice on how to become a fully-fledged entrepreneur and company founder. Lastly, to share anecdotes from her life as a mother.

One thing I learned from reading Mommy Ginger’s blogs was the joy to explore many things that lead to a thriving blog and business. I admire her sense of commitment and the heart to share valuable knowledge about entrepreneurship as one way of getting ahead in our financial goals.

7. Nomad Finance Girl

Nikki Jurado is an entrepreneur, trader, and life explorer who blogs at and is the author of the book “How to Yolo Wisely.” She goes by the moniker NFG (Nomad Finance Girl) and aspires to experience life to the fullest. With hundreds of workers, over a thousand students and mentees, and over a thousand followers and subscribers, NFG has been in operation for 17 years in the Philippines and outside the Philippines.

What I love about NFG is the concept of not depriving yourself to spend your money on things you want as long as you do it wisely as her book says so. I admire her passion at a young age and her inspiring story as she built her empire on money psychology and work-life alignment.

8. Tipid Mommy

Mommy Gracie is the writer and finance blogger behind Tipid Mommy is a personal blog inspiring women and wives to live joyful life within the budget. That is why, Tipid Mommy is considered as one of the best female financial bloggers and influencers in the Philippines. Her blogs talk about frugal living, money matters, and motherhood. Also, she’s generous in sharing past experiences and lessons like running a business – the dos and don’ts in it.

The personal and relatable approach of the blog catches my attention. Though I’m not yet a mom, I can resonate with how the blogs apply to the reality of being a thrifty person, especially for moms and wives.

9. Money Health Check

Antonette Aquino is known as a multi-awarded financial advisor in the Philippines who founded in 2020. Money Health Check is a social network brand with the goal to transform Filipinos into literate financial planners. Also, it is a community in the Philippines where like-minded people gather together to learn about financial literacy. Some of the services offered are insurance planning, investment planning, and retirement planning.

I find Money Health Check informative when it comes to personal finance matters – one of the experts in financial advice I learned and one of the best financial bloggers and influencers in the Philippines. With what they do as emphasized in their services tab, I can say there’s an all-in-one help in managing your finances from your current stage to your retirement stage.

10. Yani Moya

Arianne Francheska Moya is the Philippines female blogger and influencer behind Yani, as everyone calls her, is purposeful, passionate, and professional. She is a woman who inspires limitless possibilities for everyone. That is why her blogs highlight courage and abundance in living.

The best thing I learned while reading some of Yani Moya’s blogs is the power of mindset with actions in dealing with limitless possibilities. For instance, in achieving her calling and passion to impact the world, she helps to boost my confidence to keep going and doing because limitless possibilities are out there.

11. My Money Wise Tips

Christine Caranyagan is the blogger behind which is one of the best financial blogs and websites in the Philippines according to a feedspot article. She is a Licensed Financial Advisor and a Certified Investment Solicitor from an insurance company in the Philippines. Her blog focuses on sharing guides and assistance in availing different kinds of insurance plans like VUL.

Personally speaking, financial advisors are close to my heart because they’re those people who enlightened me to wisely handle my finances. Reading her blogs gives me more idea about the insurance I availed of four (4) years ago.

12. My Finance MD

Dr. Pinky De Leon-Intal is a Licensed Medical Doctor, an Internationally Accredited Registered Financial Consultant (RFC), and a Certified Investment Solicitor (CIS). She founded which is one of the top personal finance blogs for millennials’ choice in the Philippines. Her blog is a platform for financial advocacy that aspires to make the Filipino people financially fit and affluent with a purpose via education and individualized planning. Through a unique wealth strategy, it provides a more comprehensive approach to addressing financial problems.

What I like about my finance MD is the collaboration of health and finance matters where its tagline says “Protecting the Filipino Family through Financial Planning and Life Insurance”. I gained a lot of information about insurance, retirement, financial planning, and money management.

The Philippines Financial Bloggers according to this feedspot article dated October 24, 2022.

The best female financial bloggers and influencers Philippines provide valuable information and insights on various topics. From investment strategies to saving money, these bloggers in the Philippines have got it covered for you while frequently sharing tips on how to save money, make money, and invest money. 

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