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The Philippines is swarming with professionals. We have 40 million people in the working population. Despite having a definite source of income, you might feel the urge to create more income streams. To help you search, I will list a hundred business ideas for professionals in the Philippines.

In this article, we will make sure to provide answers to questions on:

  • What are the Best Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines?
  • What Business Can I Start Where I Can Use My Profession?
  • Can I Start a Business While Working Full-time On My Profession?
  • Does Being a Professional Give Me An Advantage In Starting A Business?
  • Are Professionals At A Disadvantage In Starting A Business?
  • Why Do I Need Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines When I Can Earn In Corporate?

Those with knowledge and skills can take advantage of their profession to build a reputable business that highlights their credentials. There are a few business ideas for professionals in the Philippines that can be done full-time, all depending on your current availability and existing commitments.

Some professionals are already bound to an eight-to-five job so we prepared a list of business ideas that you can do a few hours a day or on the weekends. There are jobs that offer more flexible hours when they are project or output-based.

What Business Can I Start Where I Can Use My Profession?

Freelancing Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

There are a lot of services you can freelance, each looking for a specific set of skills. Freelancing had been a booming business in the Philippines in recent years. Filipino professionals can find a rich source of clients online both locally and overseas. 

Here are a few where you can flex your expertise while being your own boss.

1. Preparing Construction Plans

Licensed architects and engineers can start their own freelancing businesses. Kick off the business through recommendations from family and friends. You can also start posting services online, but be sure to have a portfolio of your past works ready.

2. Bookkeeping Business

Accountants can offer a wide array of bookkeeping services online. It can be the whole package or simply doing tax calculations at the end of the month. CPAs and non-CPAs can file taxes and assist clients through government requirements as long as they know the process.

3. Professional and Technical Consultation Services

If you are adept in a specific industry (business, finance, engineering, human resources, etc.), offer valuable insight to individuals and businesses. 

4. Website Development

Professional web designers and developers can start their own agencies to help business owners to improve their websites.

Here are a few more freelancing businesses you can start. Some require technical knowledge but most can be learned through short courses and practice.

5. Aircon Installation and Repair Business

6. Cellphone Repair Business

7. PC Building Services

8. Graphic Designing

9. Video Editing Services

10. Photo and Video Coverage Business

Can I Start a Business While Working Full-time On My Profession?

Yes, you can. We included business ideas that can be done on flexible schedules or on days off. Some are also passive income streams that are good to go once you got all the requirements.

What Are The Passive Business Ideas For Professionals in the Philippines?

Vendo Machine Business Ideas in the Philippines 

You only need a good location, a reliable machine, and a product to sell in order to start this business. The vending machine business had just started to gain traction in the Philippines. It can be used for almost any product but the following are the most popular in our country.

11. Piso Wifi  Business

12. Piso Carwash 

13. Pisonet 

14. Coffee Vending Machine

15. Toiletries Vendo

16. Toys Capsule Vending Machine

17. Candy and Gumball Vending Machine

Except for the laundromat business, the rest can cost less than P20,000 in start-up capital.

Rental Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

Property rental can be a good source of income when you have some land to spare and a budget to prep the property. You can earn money on top of securing a stable investment.

18. Land for Lease

19. Commercial Space Rental

20. House or Apartment for Rent

21. Private Resort Business

22. Storage Room

Tools, furniture, and vehicle rental are also good business ideas for professionals in the Philippines. Party needs and seasonal demands are great prospects in this kind of business.

23. Car Rental

24. Lights and Sound Equipment Rental

25. Videoke For Rent

26. Tables And Chairs

27. Portable Pool Rental

28. Tent for Rent

29. Kids Play Set For Parties

100 Best Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines
Photo by Eva Bronzini on Pexels.com

What Business Ideas For Professionals in the Philippines Offer Flexible Time?

Online Selling Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

You can find everything online. If you want to take a piece of the market, we have several ideas for products to sell through online platforms.

Reselling off-the-rack items

Reselling is one business venture that can be done on the side regardless of profession. Simply set up your online store on any social media platform or through shopping apps like Lazada and Shopee. One pro tip is to find products that are near you to save transport costs and post away. 

This venture doesn’t require technical expertise but can be quite profitable when done right. The choices are almost limitless but we will keep the list short to make way for more awesome business ideas for professionals in the Philippines.

31. Gadgets And Electronics

30. RTW clothes 

32. Household Items

Making Your Own Products (DIY in the Philippines)

Negosyo ideas at home are comfortable and flexible. There are a handful of products you can make yourself. In this era of googling, simple and even complicated instructional guidelines are made available online. 

33. Bath Bombs

34. Organic Soap

35. Scented Candles

36. Lip Balms and Other Cosmetic Products

37. Liquid Detergent

Professionals can be very stressed from work. One of the things that can ease fatigue build-up is hobbies. Art and craft creations can turn into a money-making project when you know how to market.

38. Resin Art Business

39. Handmade Jewelry

40. Wood Crafts 

41. Knitted Items 

42. Art Coloring Books

43. Home Decors

44. Toys For Pets

45. Customized Bookmark

Some art-related businesses need tighter art skills. If you want to bring your inner artist while earning some cash, try these business ideas for professionals in the Philippines.

46. Commissioned Caricature 

47. Customized Mini-me Dolls

48. Portrait Drawing

49. Children’s Book Illustration

50. Book Cover Illustration

51. Logo Design 

Have funds to spare and enjoy arts on clothes? you can try these t-shirt business ideas.

52. Customized T-shirt Printing

If you have a computer, a printer, and decent design skills, scan the market for a sturdy heat press and some printing materials to get you started. 

53. Start Your Own Clothing Line

Have an original t-shirt design you want to get out there? You would be surprised by the offers on starting a clothing line for low upfront costs.

Education, Training, and Coaching Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

Do you have the expertise to teach others? Or are you an enthusiast of a specific field? 

54. Tutoring Services for General Subjects

Someone with experience in education can book students to fill a day’s worth of tutoring classes. Teaching methods can be learned but it’s an advantage to have the background.

55. English Tutoring Services

Being a well-known English-speaking country, Filipinos are frontrunners in providing quality English tutoring services in the world. 

Many training and coaching businesses do not require a technical license. As long as you possess the knowledge and qualities of a good teacher, this can be your business.

56. Personal Fitness Training

57. Career Coaching

58. Culinary Classes

59. Art Classes

60. Music Instrument Classes

If you already have your weekdays booked on a full–time job in your profession, you can still book schedules only on the weekend or after office hours if you still have the time.

Planting and Farming Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

Do you have a garden or backyard to spare? Plants are therapeutic. Another hobby of professionals that can be made into a business is farming and gardening. *Insert plantitos and plantitas here*

61. Selling Indoor Plants

62. Mushroom Growing Business

64. Microgreens Business

63. Dish Garden Making

65. Organic Vegetable Farm

66. Seeds and Sapling Supply 

Combine your love of plants with online selling and you have a potentially lucrative business in your hand.

Writing Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

If offer vast knowledge in a certain field and a knack for putting that knowledge into words, you can explore freelance content writing businesses. A creative writing business is a more flexible arrangement where you can write and publish in your own time.

67. Article writing

68. Business Writing

69. Copywriting

70. E-book

71. Children Book

72. Novel Writing

73. Youtube Script Writing

Financial Advisor Services

Many professionals are financially adept and one of the products that work well with this skill is insurance policies. There are many types but the more popular ones that are carried by financial advisors are the following.

74. Health Insurance

75. Life Insurance

76. Car Insurance

Food and Food Service Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

77. Catering Business

Are you a culinary expert? Or someone in the hospitality business? A catering service can be quite costly for a start-up but if you have a background in the food and related industry, you are already one step away from the foundation needed to make it work.

You may be an expert baker, a passionate cook, or just enjoy your time in the kitchen. Doing a food-related business can be your full-time commitment or just something on the weekends. 

Take orders through the week and bake/cook away on a Saturday.

78. Customized Cake Business

79. Bread and Pastries

80. Maki and Sushi

81. Leche Flan and Other Desserts

82. Bilao Food Items

There is unlimited potential for food products you can sell. It depends on your market and your cooking skills. 

83. Food Stall

There’s also no stopping you from putting up a burger stand, fishball stand or barbeque stand on weekends. One of our couple neighbors does this and it works since they both have jobs on weekdays. Try local staple street foods and pair them up with ice-cold drinks. 

Ride the summer heat’s demand. The Thrifty Pinay has 60 profitable summer business ideas for you.

84. Special Order Menu

If you like cooking for yourself on the weekends and are confident to do larger batches. You can post for a special viand on the weekends. Offering delivery can boost sales. A lot of people are at home also craving home-cooked meals but do not have the energy to do it themselves.

Online Influencer Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines

The internet, especially social media, has brought light to new business ideas for professionals in the Philippines. Monetize your content. You can focus on your profession’s niche or showcase a personal interest. 

85. Launch a Youtube Channel

86. Personal Blogs

87. Host a Podcast

88. Product Reviews

89. Travel Destination Reviews

While these business ideas do not generate income outright, there are a lot of guides to provide you with tips on how to nurture them toward steady growth. Let me add a few more to complete the list. 

90. Real estate 

91. Drop-shipping

92. Photo Coverage Business

93. Photo Booth Services

94. CCTV Installation

95. GCash Business 

96. Mobile App Creation

97. Transcription Services 

98. Translation Services

99. Food Panda Rider or Other Delivery Services

100. Rideshare Services

Does Being a Professional Give Me An Advantage In Starting A Business in the Philippines?

Being a professional can bring a lot of advantages depending on the type of business you are going for. It is especially helpful if your credentials work well with the industry.

Are Professionals At A Disadvantage In Starting A Business?

The only drawback is the limited amount of time you can spend if you are doing business on top of practicing your profession.

If you are currently part of the workforce, we understand that your normal work hours are committed to your profession. The business ideas on our list demand more or less flexible hours and can be done a few hours a day or during weekends. We also took into account the expertise you might already have. 

Why Do I Need Business Ideas for Professionals in the Philippines When I Can Earn In Corporate?

Inflation has been on the rise and it never hurts to have more revenue streams. Starting a business in the Philippines is both challenging and liberating. You can find a change of pace enjoyable and more personally fulfilling. 

Having more income avenues also gives way to extra cash for emergency funds and savings goals. Our list of the best business ideas for professionals in the Philippines ends here. We, at The Thrifty Pinay, hope you find a business venture that works best for you.

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