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A study on the recent food delivery market trends in the Philippines logged 9.3 million food delivery users in the country. That’s a huge number and a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines can take part in meeting that demand.

To quench your curiosity about the Foodpanda rider application process, we’ll be answering the following questions as we go along this article:

  • Why choose to be a Foodpanda rider?
  • How to be a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines
  • Foodpanda rider application requirements
  • How long is the application process?
  • Foodpanda Rider Salary Philippines: How much can you earn?
  • Foodpanda riders and bikers groups/communities

Delivery riders became a part of our daily lives during the pandemic and even after the lockdowns, they stayed and served as couriers of convenience for our trinkets and purchases. Delivery also became one of the salvaging careers during the covid pandemic. Food establishments such as ramen shops, shawarma joints, and other local snack bars found another way to reach consumers. Delivery companies thrived as the demand for their services poured.

One of the service apps that flourished during that time was Foodpanda. My husband joined the Foodpanda team last year and it has served as a good source of income so far. He had explored other delivery apps but Foodpanda had always been on his top list.

Why choose to be a Foodpanda rider?

Foodpanda is easily among the top delivery apps in the Philippines along with Grab and Lalamove. While the other two cater to a wider array of commodities, Foodpanda focused only on food items. 

Being a Foodpanda rider:

  • Can provide full daily earnings or an extra source of income.
  • Offers flexible work shifts. Delivery shifts are chosen in advance so you can take the ones that are most convenient for you.
  • Can produce a large amount of booking traffic for their riders. There are reviews of lower delivery rates compared to competitors but focusing on food delivery gives their riders easier access to more delivery bookings when near Food establishments.
  • Requires no top-up funds before delivery. Foodpanda does not demand wallet top-ups, unlike other rider delivery services in the Philippines. 

How to be a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines?

You can be a Foodpanda Rider in 5 easy steps. The requirements are practical and do not require specialized knowledge to secure. 

Foodpanda Application Reminder

Only transact with the official Foodpanda website. Do not entertain social media accounts that offer application assistance as they are almost always frauds. 

1. Secure all the Foodpanda rider requirements

Foodpanda Rider Application Requirements in the Philippines

2 Valid IDs 

If you are applying as a rider, one of your identification cards should be your professional driver’s license. Yes, professional. If you have a non-pro license, visit your nearest LTO (Land Transportation Office) for an upgrade. Other acceptable government-issued IDs in the Philippines should include passports and UMIDs.

Your TIN Number

Foodpanda withholds 2% of your income every time you do a delivery and remits them to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) on your behalf. 

NBI or Police Clearance

You can apply for an NBI clearance online but would still need to visit your preferred branch on your chosen appointment date. Getting a police clearance is another option. Both types of clearance cost less than 200 pesos and have the same one-year validity. 

Foodpanda biker and walker application requirements

Same requirements as Foodpanda riders except for the Professional Driver’s license.

2. Go to their official website, fill up forms, agree to the service agreement, and upload your requirements

You had to personally visit Foodpanda hubs before to apply but everything has been made available online since the pandemic. Go to and create a rider’s profile. Instructions will be given as you go. Make sure to fill in the correct details as indicated in your valid IDs to avoid rejection and pending applications.

3. Wait for your application’s approval

It says 1-3 days on their official website but my husband got immediately approved the day after. They probably take into account applications during weekends and make leeway for those.

An email or message notification from Foodpanda will verify your details and confirm your application’s approval. You will receive it with a link for your login details.

4. Access your Foodpanda rider account

  • Download the Panda Rider App from Playstore (for Android users) or Roadrunner App from Appstore (for iPhone users). 
  • Use the username and passwords as indicated in your login details to access your rider account. 
  • Set a new password. The account will ask for a password change on your first try and you will receive the new password through a text message.

The current Foodpanda platform requires you to have an iOS 11.2 or Android 5.0 or higher to install the app and ensure proper running of app functions. 

You are now one step away from making your first delivery as a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines.

5. Order your Foodpanda Rider Kit

A code will be provided when you pass the application process to pay for the rider kit online. Foodpanda’s full rider kit costs P3,000. You can choose to pay a downpayment of 500 pesos or pay the full amount right off the bat.

What comes with a Foodpanda Rider Kit?

  • One (1) Foodpanda thermal box 

My husband owned another thermal box for deliveries before joining Foodpanda and he said Foodpanda’s was of better quality.

  • One (1) Foodpanda bag

The kit comes with a small insulated bag you can hand-carry inside stores for more careful handling.

  • Two (2) Foodpanda Shirts

These came in their official colors of pink and gray with the Foodpanda logo on the front. The shirts that came with the kit are well-made and still looked new even after a year of use. You can buy additional uniforms through Foodpanda’s official channels but there are cheaper options in online markets. 

Now that you have completed all the required steps, you are good to go. Congratulations on being an official Foodpanda Rider in the Philippines!

How to be A Foodpanda Rider in the Philippines

Foodpanda Rider in the Philippines: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long is the application process? 

The whole process can be done in as short as a couple of days depending on the availability of your requirements. Some applicants express concerns over long waits. We recommend reaching out to Foodpanda’s official email and other support channels to follow up on the application.

How much do I need to start as a Foodpanda Rider?

You only need 500 pesos to start earning as a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines. That’s enough as a downpayment for the rider kit. 

If you are a little short on budget, there are online loan apps for instant cash that you can try.

Can I do deliveries without the Rider Kit?

Yes, you can. It will take two weeks for the rider kit to be delivered and Foodpanda is not too strict with uniforms and the official thermal box. It helps, though, for easier identification by merchants, customers, and traffic personnel.

How long are the work hours?

You can choose to take a shift depending on your availability and the performance batch you belong to. Minimum shifts would be 3 hours a day (if you want to do this as a side hustle) and can go up to 12 hours at most.  Foodpanda operates at a 24/7 capacity so shifts can be very flexible.

What are Foodpanda Rider Performance Batches?

Foodpanda Riders are grouped in batches every week depending on their performance in the previous week. A new rider will automatically be included in the sixth batch. 

The higher you are in a performance batch, the higher priority you get in choosing your shifts and you also get to enjoy higher rates per delivery. 

Foodpanda Rider Salary Philippines: How much can you earn?

An average daily earning would be around 800 pesos but can go up to the thousands depending on the day’s booking demands. 

How do I get my Pay?

Your delivery commission is included in the amount paid by the customer during delivery. Technically, it is paid to you at every end of delivery but you have to wait for one day until Foodpanda credits the amount to your account. 

So, you have to remit the full amount of collection from customers (including your cut) at the end of the day to avoid a record of under-remittance.

Foodpanda Rider Tips Before Going to Your First Shift

  • Bring a water bottle with you. Some establishments offer free refills for Foodpanda riders.
  • Take note of 7-eleven stores around your area. Foodpanda is strict on timely remittances and reflects late remittances as a deduction from your weekly performance so it’s best to know alternative spots to remit the day’ collection.
  • Secure a verified Gcash account. Customers have the option of sending you through online channels instead of paying in cash. Be sure to have a Gcash account ready for those cashless transactions. 
  • Fund your Gcash when you can. You can save yourself some queuing time if you remit your day’s collection through Gcash.
  • Make sure you are connected to a reliable internet connection and your device is updated to the latest operating system. 

Foodpanda Rider Support Philippines

There are official and unofficial support channels for a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines.

Foodpanda Riders and Bikers Groups/Communities

  • Foodpanda Riders Facebook page posts events, vouchers, and special discounts for Foodpanda riders. They also feature awards and recognition for exceptional ka-Pandas.
  • FoodPanda Riders & Bikers is a public Facebook group where you can ask general questions about Foodpanda rider concerns. It can also be a great place to look for Foodpanda gear and equipment at affordable prices. 
  • Local Foodpanda Rider Facebook Groups are a good source of tips for your specific area. You can also find immediate responders in members of local groups when you’re in a pinch on the road.

Direct Foodpanda Rider Support Channels

  • Foodpanda Rider Chat Support is available through Foodpanda’s official rider app.

A Few Reminders

Being a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines is a great way to take advantage of the current demand for food delivery services. It increases your income streams but it does not come without any risks. Spending hours on the road under the scorching heat and pouring rain can take a toll on your health and safety. Securing health and life insurance are a good way to safeguard you and your family’s welfare. It also wouldn’t hurt to set up an emergency fund while you’re at it. Add ipon challenges to the mix to make saving up easier. 

Good luck with your career as a Foodpanda rider in the Philippines. It is my pleasure to provide you with this simple guide, and hope it helps a little in your journey. 

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