After my last entrepreneurial find, How to Start a Piso Wifi Business, here’s another innovative vending idea: The Dishwashing Vending Machine Business.

The Vending Machine Business In The Philippines

The vending machine business in the Philippines is starting to evolve. It has now transpired into an opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business at little cost and for consumers to buy products from convenient spots at budget-friendly prices. 

A dishwashing vendo, also known as a laundry vendo machine in other parts of the world is starting to make noise on Tiktok and Facebook.

It combines the vending machine idea and the “tingi” strategy notorious at sari-sari stores in the Philippines. With this, a dishwashing vending machine can be a typical existence in your neighborhood in a couple of years.

In this article, I’ll make sure to answer the following questions:

  • How to Start a Dishwashing Vending Machine Business in the Philippines?
  • How much does a dishwashing vending machine cost?
  • Is there a dishwashing vending machine rental? 
  • Dishwashing Vending Machine: How To Price?
  • Are there customized Vending Machine Suppliers in the Philippines?
  • What are the best marketing strategies and locations for this type of business?
  • Is a Dishwashing Vending Machine Business Profitable In the Philippines? 
  • How Do I Maintain A Dishwashing Vending Machine Business?

How to Start a Dishwashing Vending Machine Business in the Philippines

1. Choose a location 

As with every other vending machine business in the Philippines, location is crucial. Since you’re pushing a household product, it will thrive in residential areas. 

Foot traffic areas are good and it’s better as a complementary business in an existing one. For example: a sari-sari store or a regular dishwashing business. 

2. Buy A Dishwashing Vending Machine

All machine options in the market have easy plug-and-play features and low maintenance demands. Builtwise, the main difference would be the encasement and top box in the pricier options. If you have an existing sari-sari store, the coin slot machine works well as an aid for your already existing tingi offers. Otherwise, an enclosure would be necessary for stand-alone vending machines.

Dishwashing Vending Machine Cost Philippines

How much does a dishwashing vending machine cost?

Suppliers for dishwashing vending machine suppliers are relatively few in the Philippines compared to Piso Wifis and Piso Carwash. Among the ones I checked out, I have found two types of machines you can look into. 

  • Vending machine with coin slot and top box

Sabon ni Kabayan, the pioneer in dishwashing vending machine manufacturing in the Philippines offers a 10,000 pesos apparatus with a coin slot and encasement for the dishwashing container. The case keeps your solution secured and free from contamination. 

  • Vending machine with coin slot 

Another option would be a coin slot machine for 2,000 (more or less depending on the supplier) which gives you a preset coin slot device with tubes you can connect to your own container. You can find sellers on Facebook and Shopee. If you’re from Bulacan, I found one located in Meycauayan.

Reminder on Purchasing A Vending Machine

With much difference in machine cost, even I am tempted to jump on the cheaper alternative in a heartbeat. But, be reminded that your choice should also consider your machine’s location, contamination concerns, and value for money. 

Due diligence is the key. Visit at least one of each type of machine before going for a purchase.

Customized Vending Machine suppliers in the Philippines

There are no customized offers for dishwashing machines yet that I found but there’s nothing stopping you from talking to manufacturers and assemblers to ask for the possibility of a special order. 

3. Buy the Product / Supplies 

Most machine suppliers sell the ingredients for the dishwashing solution but you are free to purchase your own solution from outside sources. Visit Shopee or Facebook for online options. Look for well-reviewed sellers with legitimate pages. 

Costing of Dishwashing Solution

Low-cost dishwashing solutions are around 15 pesos per 1000ml not including shipping and equipment needed for mixing.

Sample pricing for two types of dishwashing liquid kits that yields 50 liters:

700.00 Regular

750.00 Premium

If you are near Malabon, there’s a warehouse that offers even cheaper prices. 

4. Set it up

Set up the machine, your container, and your dishwashing solution in the location you chose. 

5. Collect

Your collection schedule will depend on how fast your supply lasts. You might need to do a trial-and-error effort on this and do periodical visits in the earlier stages to grasp how long you can leave the machine on its own.

My advice is to collect at the same time you replenish the liquid so you can record costs and sales neatly.

6. Maintain

There’s not much maintenance needed, actually. A little dusting is all the machine needs unless there are accidental spills. Tubes can be washed (if debris or contamination occurred) by letting them suck and expel water continuously until clean.

How much do I need to start a dishwashing vending machine business in the Philippines?

Php 2,550.00 will suffice for this type of venture but it could be as high as Php 10,650.00 depending on which machine type you choose. See sample computation below:

1,800.00 Coin Slot Machine

100.00 Container

650.00 Dishwashing Liquid Kit (50liters)

 2,550 Total

10,000 Dishwashing Vending Machine 

 650.00 Dishwashing Liquid Kit (50 liters)

 10,650 Total

You’ll have to add a little more for delivery fees.

Dishwashing Vending Machine: Pricing or How to price

A dishwashing vending machine is preset (you can change it) at a 3-second liquid release which equals a small cup or 100ml worth of dishwashing solution for a 5 peso coin. 

Doing the math on supplies cost and sales, looking back at the 15 per liter cost in the costing section, that’s a 35 pesos profit yield per liter, not considering the equipment and extra costs.

Let’s assign 10 pesos give or take to additional costs, that’ll still give us a 25 gain doubling your money on product cost.

FAQs of a Dishwashing Vending Machine Business Philippines

How does a dishwashing vending machine business compare to a regular dishwashing retail business?

While regular dishwashing retail businesses need individual containers to sell their product, a vending machine does not. But to be fair, you can say that the cost of a machine does not compare to a mere 5 pesos per PET bottle. 

Dishwashing liquid is one of the top products to sell online and for that, reach is also a major difference. Vendos, in general, are made to cater to needs in the proximity of their location. 

While a regular business needs time and constant effort, a vending machine is a passive type of income when you have spare funds and a good eye for locations. 

This leads us to the next question:

What are the best marketing strategies and locations for this type of business?

Marketing Strategies

The best marketing strategies for these types of business is nothing grand. Simply informing the local community of the presence of the vending machine business will suffice. 

There is not much room for creative marketing but if you want to push it, I suggest increasing the number of ml for a set period or getting the marketing on social media platforms following these time-tested tips for online selling. Consumers can have awareness and you can bank on loyalty when competitors surge.


The best location for this is in a neighborhood convenience store or in populated residential areas.

A vending machine business’ success is reliant on its location. A double yield on dishwashing liquid kits without the hassle of packing or exhaustive marketing is definitely a sign of great potential. 

Is a Dishwashing Vending Machine business profitable in the Philippines?

A full-time dishwashing retail business’ profit can’t be compared to a vending machine’s. This is not for someone looking for income tantamount to a full-time job unless you’re looking into tapping province-wide vending machine business *wink *wink. That’s a whole new venture article for another day.

If you’re aiming for earnings to dedicate to an emergency fund, savings fund, or life insurance, this is a convenient way to go. It’s perfect for professionals, young entrepreneurs, or stay-at-home moms looking for additional income streams.

When is the Best Time to Start a Dishwashing Vending Business?

Unlike seasonal business ideas, a dishwashing business is good to start whenever. Start now when there is less competition.

Can I use the dishwashing vending machine for other products?

Yes, as long as it’s liquid that’s possible. You will have to adjust the setting for the right amount of liquid discharge for every 5 pesos. Also, be sure to sanitize the tubes properly before switching products. Cooking oil, sot sauce, and vinegar are among the alternatives.

Dishwashing Vending Machine Outside Business 

It is a very straightforward venture idea, sure, but you know what else? It’s also one genuine step towards eco-sufficiency. A dishwashing vending machine business is one sure road to potential income and less earthly waste. That is the end of today’s piece. See you next business uncovering, fellow Thrifty Pinays!

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